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Made in England
he had joined another lake, and has
broken his personal best three times
in the past couple of months, so every
cloud has a silver lining. The 33lb linear most certainly made up for the
lost ticket, I would think.
Interestingly, when I told Chilly
about Joe’s rules he said that Mark
Walsingham at Ashmead has only
two rules: 1/ Fish sensibly. 2/ No bait
boats. I don’t believe he has had
recourse to ban any more anglers
than Joe; maybe they’re a better class
of angler down there. But I can see
that in them. In a Blackadder stylee, I
s e e M a r k a s ‘ G e o r g e ’ t o J o e ’s
‘Melchett’. Joe all bombast and bluster and solving every problem by
shouting louder and setting the dogs
on people, and Mark much more
refined and eloquent, and probably
with an old school friend called
‘strangely brown’. Love ‘em.
Totally changing the subject for the
moment, I have to ask a question.
How do people find out things? Not
things like what time the next train to
Crewe is, or what the ingredients for a
Singapore Sling are, but things for the
first time. The reason I ask is twofold.
lilies, so I have now closed the swim
until the tree grows enough to stop
you from doing so, or do I have to kill
the lilies and f*** the swim up like the
mangrove swim because of some
prat, do not cut any branches back
because they are in your way, that is
how I want it.”
“Don’t use rigs you are not sure of
because you have read about it in a
mag by some arsehole who thinks he
is a carp fisherman.”
Always the diplomat, that’s what I
love about him – if only he wouldn’t
sit on the fence so much! In the same
letter he tells of a guy he banned at
the end of the season for damaging a
carp’s mouth. I was present at the
time and disagreed with him. We had
a few words, but he’s the boss, and
we’re still mates. That’s how it goes.
The angler in question, Danny Eke,
was pretty upset about it, but I got an
e-mail from him the other day to say
that, as much as he was unhappy
about not fishing the lake any more,
(Top) Happy birthday, Spencer – nice
pressie, eh?
(Right) Ben, you’re just not pretty
enough for a ‘Spirit Level’ Award I’m
afraid – nice fish though.


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