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Made in England
(Above) Take your pick. Kristian
Morris with one of many big
commons he’s had from Pit 3.
(Below) Kev Hewitt with the stunning
Slate Grey at 41lb.
versation centred on the fact that
they were prone to heart attacks on
the bank, but the guy had a solution.
‘Stick your arm right down their
throat, to the elbow, then whip it out
and punch the fish in the side, real
Well, Stuart obviously thought this
was a wind-up and thought no more
of it. Some months later, out comes
Mad Max again, but this time, instead
of his usual antics, he has a heart
attack and he’s gone. Stuart recalls
the conversation and realise he has
nothing to lose so, hand down throat,
out, whack in the side. GASP! Max
inhales a huge breath of air and is
ready for a row! Now, how incredible
is that but, more importantly, how did
the bloke know to do that? Did he try
singing Ride of the Valkyries whilst
slapping it with a tennis racket first?
Or maybe it was a cucumber up the
arse and smelling salts up the nose.
Nope, that didn’t work, what should I
try next? Whatever, it obviously
worked because, a year or so later, I
caught it at 90lbs. Amazing.
Let’s try to return to normal a little,
and there is nowhere more normal
than the Isle of Wight, apart from at
Monks Pool. Last month the lovely
Treena was featured here with her
first 40, and now here she is with her
second, You’re making this look too
bloody easy, my girl, so unless you
want me to set General Melchett on
you, I don’t want any more of this sort
of thing. At 43lb-plus it’s obviously a
personal best, and a bit of a stunner,
too. She was with Spencer Wright,
whose birthday it was, and he’d
caught the Spring Common earlier at
42lb-plus so was obviously elated. He
p u t s Tr e e n a ’s s u c c e s s d o w n t o
pheromones, but I don’t know if he
told her that. Oh well, she knows now,
eh, Spence? Well done, guys, brilliant


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