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This is what I’m looking for in the
Kodak competition. A couple of
different takes on dragonflies.
Another 40lb common, and another
PB, but this time to someone so far
removed from Treena as to be on a
different branch on the evolutionary
tree. Ben Lofting’s 40lb common
came from his own Cleverly Mere,
home of Hendrix, and he assures me it
deserves a ‘Spirit Level’ award. Well, I
gotta tell you Ben, if someone as good
looking as Treena doesn’t get one,
what chance do you think you have,
mate? Better luck next time, Ben.
Now, this is a lovely picture. Despite
the fact that the carp is hidden by
grasping limbs, Clair Perry is obviously elated by her capture of this
28lb common, which is by far her personal best, and betters her dad,
Alan’s, as well I believe. If not, I’m
sure he’ll tell me. Not sure if you’re a
Perry any more, but you get the drift,
and whatever your surname, just keep
enjoying ‘em like this. Well done, Clair.
Blimey, a couple of chicks in my column, things are looking up. Didn’t
used to happen in the old place.
Back to blokes, and when I first saw
this fish I was convinced that it was
the Eye from Sonning. The similarity
is remarkable, and I really had to scrutinise the photos to prove to myself it
wasn’t. But Dean Boutwood just
loved it because, yep, at 48lb it’s by far
the biggest carp he’s ever caught and,
boy, is he pleased. Caught from a few
yards out, it sounds like proper
angling – well done, mate. This is getting more and more like The Apprentice every month. I don’t mean that
you’re a bunch of muppets who
should keep your bleedin’ mouths
shut, but that it’s so very difficult to
choose between the fish for the Spirit
Level. Dean’s was there for the taking,
then came Kev Hewitt’s wonderful
Slate Grey from Christchurch, and I
thought it had to be that. What a wonderful fish from a big, difficult water,
but, ultimately, Simon Hartop just
pipped you. Brilliant fish, all of them,
Commons seem to be high on the
menu, and the place for big’uns is
obviously Frimley Pit 3. Kristian Morris has been catching a succession of
crackers, and I’ve got a selection to
choose from, so I thought I’d go for
the largest so far, one of just a few
ounces under 40. I have little doubt
that pretty soon a larger specimen
will be gracing these pages with Kristian’s beaming face peering over its
back. Good luck, mate, I’m sure it
won’t be too long.
I’ll leave this lot with another
cracker, this time from a southwest
water of some repute with very few
rules. Myles Gascoigne was the man
lucky enough to catch the second
largest fish in the pond, the wonderful
Moonscale at 43lb.
So, we come to a close yet again,
but let me leave you with a couple of
bits of info. Steve Briggs’ book,
Cassien and beyond will be at the
printers when you read this, and is
available from the beginning of
August. At the moment it’s only available from www.freebirdpublishing.
co.uk but will probably be more
widely distributed as we near Christmas. I must say, it is one hell of a read,
and boy, has that man been some
places and seen some things, and
caught some bleeding big carp on the
way. There’ll be a couple of tasters
out pretty soon, and of course a few
reviews, so be prepared.
Then there’s Kodak, Mark Dean.
You may or may not know that he’s
been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and we all wish him very well. In
my own, insignificant, way I thought
I’d do something in his honour, so I’ve
organised a photo competition. It’s
not for carp photos, we see enough of
them, day in and day out. It’s for all of
the other photos we take that are just
stunning, quirky, quaint, original or
just plain good. You’ve still got time to
send a few over, although I think we
might need more than a couple of
pages to exhibit the ones we’ve
already got. The prize will be a signed
copy of either Steve or Chilly’s book,
and there’ll probably be some runnerup prizes, so send ‘em over – you
never know, it might be you.
So that’s it for this month. I’m getting ready to rock and bloody roll, and
probably do a bit of fishing as well.
Remember, we only get one go at this,
and it is so much better enjoyed than
endured. So bloody well enjoy it!
As Godley and Creme once profoundly wrote:
‘Life is a minestrone, served up


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