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Made in England
And so to one of my favourite girls.
If you’ve followed my ramblings over
the past couple of years you’ll know
my feelings about Thea Gilmore. If
you haven’t, then allow me to elucidate. She’s sort of folk/rock/country
/punk – yeah, that sort of covers it. I
would think she started in the folk
scene with an acoustic guitar and a
hauntingly beautiful voice, then she
acquired an attitude, a venomous
power with the English language, and
a great band. I’ve seen her three or
four times, and she’s the sort of artist
you could watch over and over again.
So her new album, Recorded Delivery,
was a must-have for me. It was
recorded on last year’s tour, where I
saw her once, and what’s good about
it is that there are four or five songs on
there that she didn’t play at the show
we saw. This is the beauty of Thea;
you never see the same show twice,
and this album is a great representation of what you get.
The first half is acoustic, and allows
you to wallow in the depths of her
wonderful voice, with Old Soul and
You and Frank Sinatra drawing you in
before you drown in the achingly
beautiful Rolling On. I can remember
having a bit of a tear in the eye when
I saw her sing that, and the same happened on first listening to this. The
second half of the album is electric,
although it’s hardly Neil Young-type
acoustic/electric; it just allows the
talented Nigel Stoner to come to the
fore with some brilliant playing. The
lyrics are still biting, and all of the
songs have such deep meaning that
you learn something new every time
you hear them, but, forF me, This girl is
taking bets will always be my
favourite. It was the first song I ever
heard of hers, on the Johnnie Walker
show one morning, and by lunchtime
I had the album in my car and it’s
barely been out of it since. Beautiful,
brilliant artist – I love her.
Me, Porky and Ben are preparing to
leave on Friday, on the trikes, to drive
to Brussels to see ZZ Top, and then
have a little potter around Belgium
and France – if they’ll let us. Then, a
week before you read this we’re off to
Wembley to see AC/DC, but wait –
more stunning news. I said that The
Answer were the support band, but
they’ve just announced another.
Thin Lizzy! Thin bloody Lizzy, I tell
yer! I know Phil’s dead, but those guitars will still be duelling, and you
know what’ll happen when the first
bars of The Boys are Back in Town
ring out. Me and Chillcott, at Wembley, with guitars, you know – no
bloody jumpers for goal posts, that’s
for sure. Oh man, not sure I’ll survive
all that, but it’ll be fun trying.
For those about to rock – see you at
Wembley. n
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