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In Search of Monster Carp
Pads Lake 29lb-plus.
fish in this lake,” and they said “I like
your confidence.” I explained the reasons behind why I said it would,
because the line wasn’t on the bottom; it was along the surface.
So I was playing this fish on the
Polaris float, knowing it was a big fish,
and one of the kids from Manchester
said, “Would you like a hand to net
it?” I said, “Yeah, I think I’m gonna
need a hand.” He got the net in the
water, and the fish swam over the
spreader block. I looked in the bottom
of the net and there it was – I couldn’t
believe it. I didn’t know which fish it
was, because there are two big fish;
there’s a 40lb mirror and a 50lb mirror,
and I knew it was one of them, so I
was jumping up like a mad man possessed.
I left it in the net, and ran round to
get the head bailiff who used to live
on site, a nice fella, but he’s not there
any more. He came round and verified
that it was a fished called Buttons. I
thought that fish would be alright in
the net, bearing in mind it was wintertime, and the fish had just fought
for its life, so it wasn’t going anywhere, and I knew it was safe. I got on
the phone to my brother and said,
“Pete, you need to get your arse down
to this lake and take some shots for
me. Where are you?” He said, “I’m not
too far away,” so half an hour later he
was back with the whole family to see
this fish, which was quite nice. So I
got it out on the mat, and it was a
colossal carp; I’ve never seen a carp
this big before, and it went 50lb 1oz. I
was over the moon – what a fish, and
to catch it on the float method was
So, I got some really good photos,
and I was really pleased my brother
took them, because no offence, but
the bailiff had shaky hands. Then I put
her back, and that was it for that session. I was over the moon, but there
are still one or two other fish apart
from the big girls that are really nice,
pretty fish that you’d like to catch out
of there. One is called the Pretty One,
a big, plated mirror, and I won fish of
the week in Carp-Talk with this particular fish, on a cold session in February. Because it was only local, I’d
nipped down there, and it was frozen.
I lobbed a little stone onto the ice, and
it was only cat ice, so I thought I’d
come back if the weather got milder,
just to have a little look, put a bit of
bait in, and fish it on my terms rather
than on their terms. It was quite an
expensive day ticket water, and to be
there when it was packed wasn’t my
style really; I’d sooner go there when
it was empty. Nine times out of ten,
carp anglers like an empty lake, like it
is while I’m sitting on the Road Lake
now, and it’s nice.
So I decided to have another little
session in between the cold spells,
during a mild low pressure. This particular time, it was raining, and it was
quite grim. There were five anglers
on, but because I was so confident in
the float, I dusted off my other Shimano Twin Power and had both of
them set up on my 8010 bait runners,
with 10lb GR60 on both, and Polaris
floats. One was a long stem float and
one was a short, stubby one, which
was the one I had the 50 on, and they
both worked. So out they went with
PVA bags of crushed boilies, and I
was watching the floats all day. You
see the take before you hear the
buzzer go, but you still get a run. The
fish don’t seem to know what angle
the line is coming from, so they just
bolt, but it’s nice to watch the float
slip away.
It was a rainy day and no one else
was catching. Some bloke had been
there for a whole week, but I was
watching what he’d done, and he’d
filled it in with bait. He was there for
a week, but Christ, it’s February; you


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