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In Search of Monster Carp
don’t bait it up that heavy. So, I just
used little bags, with a little scattering
of hemp, having dried out the hemp
with towels so it was PVA-friendly. So
out that went, and I had a take after
about ten minutes, from a lovely 17lb
mirror, a really nice little cheeky fish,
so I was happy. Then on the other rod,
about half an hour later, I had a 23lb
common. Everyone was saying, “That
f e l l a ’s h a d t w o n o w, w h a t ’s h e
doing?” The float was an edge, but
you can’t keep it quiet, because it’s
such a small lake, and people see it.
Anyway, getting back to the story, I
had a 23lb common, and then I put it
out again. I had nothing for a couple
of hours, and decided to have something to eat. As I was making something to eat, the other rod went with a
25lb mirror. I thought that on a lake
like that where it’s a day ticket pressured water with three rods in each
swim, and people were getting line
bites left right and centre, the simplest thing is to get the line out of the
water, so that’s what I did. About four
hours later, about 3pm, I had another
take, and this felt like a heavier fish. It
knew where it wanted to go, bearing
in mind I’d got quite a light line on,
40lb caught using the float set-up.
and only a size 12 hook, which is a
tiny little hook. So I played the fish,
and to my surprise, this beautiful
heavily plated mirror called the Pretty
One popped his head up, and went
straight in the net – that’ll do for me!
On the scales it went 27lb 12oz, and
I couldn’t believe it. I was over the
moon, because the majority of the fish
in there have hardly any scales, which
is why they get big quickly, but this
one was a bit special, covered in massive scales, the size of orange slices.
So that was it for that session, and I
went home, only five minutes down
the road. It doesn’t matter how wet or
how dirty you get, you can get
cleaned off in ten minutes, and that’s
my sort of fishing.
In between going there and waiting for the Horton season to start, I
had a session on the Pad Lake. I’d
never fished it before, but I was
guested on there by my friends who’d
hired the lake for a week.
On the Friday, I went to work with
all my gear in the car, so as soon as I
finished work, I could drive to the
Pads Lake, which I did. They’d been
there since the day before, all set up,
and spodded out. I was left with the
only swim on the lake, but it was
probably the best swim on the lake to
me. I got there afternoon, late evening
time, and I decided to have a little
baited area with Scopex Squid Liver,
and use a half pop-up with a bottom
bait on a critically balanced nylon
hook link. In the night I had two carp
– a 24 and a 29. I was as pleased as
punch, as they were my first Pad Lake
As soon as daylight appeared, I
changed the two rigs to Camo Skin
and Fruit Salad pop-ups on both rods,
and had takes like that during the day.
I did that for the next 48 hours, changing to the Scopex Squid in the
evening, and at the end of the 48
hours, I had nine carp, with four over
29lbs, so I was well pleased with that
result. When I left there was a bloke
who was struggling, and I said to him,
“Do yourself a favour, mate – get in
this swim.” He was walking round
netting the fish for me, taking the
photos for me, and he was seeing
what I was doing. I think he went and
caught another two or three fish,
including a personal best, so I was
well happy for him.
I gave the Sussex water a rest for a
little while, but still, especially as it
was local, it was still nice to get a
bend in your rod, especially in the
winter time or while you’re waiting
for your syndicate water to open, so I
decided to get there for about 4.30 on


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