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In Search of Monster Carp
a Friday afternoon. I suppose it was
coming up for March time, and when
I pulled into the car park and looked
across the lake, I must have counted
15 floats, and I thought, what’s going
on here? No word of a lie, the bailiff,
the nice fella who lived on site, had a
bit of a mouth on him, and he’d let
everyone know. Sure enough, there
were people left right and centre
using these floats, and I thought that
was that done, but you know, you still
catch fish.
So I got round into this swim; the
same swim I had the 50 from, and it
was good because it was a cold
northwesterly, but where I was fishing it was completely calm, and there
were a few fish fizzing about. I was on
the corn, with a couple of bits of fake
corn, and I cast out the two floats, and
waited to see what would happen.
Didn’t have to wait long before I had
a take, and it turned out to be a 24lb
common, a nice fish. I’ve actually got
a photo of the Polaris float with the
fish on, because I was playing the fish
and the bailiff ran round with the net
in his hand, but I said, “Put the net
down, I’m alright with the net; just
take some action shots.” I like a bit of
action, and he did that for me, so
thanks. I can’t believe, what with the
size of the lake, how many carp there
are of a decent size, and the growth
rates are phenomenal.
Anyway, I put that rod back out,
and sat down had a cup of tea and a
chat with this fella, when the other
rod just burst into life. I pulled into the
fish, and felt it was a good one. It
didn’t want to come up, and it took
me a good 15 minutes before I even
saw it, but then I noticed it was a
really good fish. After netting the fish,
I looked at it in the net, and the bailiff
come round and said, “You’ve got the
other big one!” What a result! It was a
fish called Pimple, and I couldn’t
believe it. Up on the scales it was 40lb
2oz, and I was blown away – the two
biggest fish in the lake on the float. I
thought I was going to struggle on
there even though it was only five
minutes down the road, bearing in
mind it gets so busy and bait goes in
there left right and centre. There are
so many carp in there, it’s unreal, so
you could do in your life savings trying to catch the bigger ones. To start
The Pretty One at 27lb.
with I was only catching fish to 23lb,
and having quite a few fish, but as
luck would have it, I found a little
So that’s it now, and I’m going to
concentrate on my new adventure,
the Road Lake on thee Cemex ticket,
which I had never seen. I had never
walked round it, because up until
then, it was full on Horton; Horton
was my lake. But as Rob said, I had
had my fair share of fish, and I
thought a new lake would be good,
because to tell you the truth, I was
getting a bit stagnant on Horton; I
was driving into the gate, and it had
lost its appeal to me for one reason or
So, it was onto the Road Lake.
There’s so much history with this
whole complex, so when I got the
ticket through, I jumped at the
chance. It’s quite a lot cheaper as
well, which is an added bonus. I went
to the draw, and it was all very exciting, just like Horton was the first time
– meeting old and new faces, and it


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