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In Search of Monster Carp
was nice to catch up. Then there was
the BBQ – Dan certainly knows how
to cook a BBQ, I tell you. With full bellies and beer guts sorted, I proceeded
round to a swim that I had picked out
in the draw called the Grassy Knoll, a
lovely swim. I hear it’s been moved; it
used to be more to the left, but they
moved it and pushed down a tree, so
you can’t fish that swim now. I think
it’s a nice, but the fish had other ideas,
and nothing was caught by me. I
think a 29lb mirror was caught the
first opening night from the swim I
am in now, and it was a bit tricky for
the first few weeks, probably due to
the fact the fish hadn’t spawned.
They’d spawned everywhere else; I
think this year they’ve even had a little go on Horton, which is good really.
It’s healthy for them, because they
can’t hold spawn for years and years.
There’s no weed on the Road Lake,
whereas I was told it was weedy and
crystal clear, but it’s not really. It was
a bit tricky to start with, getting my
head round how small the lake is, but
yeah, it’s a lot more chilled out, I
would say. Horton’s a bit of a rat race,
and you get people watching you. You
can’t do your own thing, and there’s
bucket waiting behind your swim
(Top) Tom’s 20 on a chilly morning.
(Below) Clover, caught from Cemex
Longfield Road lake.
when you’re packing up, which gives
you a bad vibe; you just want to pack
away there and then, as you want a
bit of peace and quiet. I work hard all
week, so I want to just relax and
maybe not see anyone for a few days
– that what I like, and that’s why I
picked the Road Lake because its a
lot quieter. It’s a lot more chilled out;
the people aren’t so on top of each
other, and to my knowledge there are
no full timers on here. It took me a lit-
tle bit of time to get used to the 48hour rule. You do your first night in
your swim, then if you think you’re in
the wrong swim and need to move,
then you’ve only got one more night
and a day to make it happen. There
are times when I’ve had to reel in
when the fish have just turned up on
me, but you can’t do anything about
that; you’ve just got to go with it like
everyone else does.
So at the moment I’m really enjoy-


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