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In Search of Monster Carp
ing myself on the Road Lake, I’ve
been lucky enough, as Rob said earlier, to have had Clover and the Missing Starburst; two originals, and two
lovely fish. Clover at 43lb 4oz, is my
personal best, apart from the 50, but
really to me, Clover is my PB. That 50
was just a bit of fun; a bit of winter
action. But yeah, Clover, what a colossal fish, old school, and it doesn’t slip
up much. I’ve never fished a lake
where they flank on your baits and
flank on your rigs and on your line lay
– they’re just proper sussing you out,
and seeing if you’re about.
Up until last night, there were fish
jumping out all over my swim, and I
had two liners last night because
there’s weed, but you can’t see it. It
just makes your line lay up a little bit
higher, and the fish swim right up
against the weed. They know if
there’s a line there, they’re going to
hit it, and that’s what they do. I had
just two little bleeps, but the fish have
sussed it out, sussed I’m fishing, so
basically I’m wasting my time here
today. But you never know; there’s a
big weedbed out here, which is the
main feature at the moment. It used
to be the snags, but yeah, I’m sure
they’ll be back sometime today. We
need the sun to come out a bit more,
because there were definitely about
15-20 fish up here yesterday, and they
were all mooching about, looking like
they were going to feed, so you never
know – fingers crossed.
That’s it for now, and thanks to Rob
for coming down to interview me. My
brother and I will be catching up with
Rob again later on in the year to let
you know more in depth about the
Road Lake and Horton goings-on. My
brother’s having it right off on Horton
at the moment. Bye for now, see ya!
Rob: That was great Phil, thanks
very much for that. Very interesting
what you were saying about the
Polaris float and the line lay, and I’m
sure there are a lot of people out there
who will take that on board and per-
haps give that method a little try on
some of their venues. I remember a
couple of seasons ago watching Jim
Shelley using one of those Polaris
floats over at Horton, and he had
some really good fish on it; some of
the ones that were a bit tricky to
catch. So it certainly is an edge worth
having a little go with – something a
bit different. You know yourself that it
can pay big dividends, and certainly
did for you on that Sussex day ticket
As Phil says, we’ll be meeting up
with him and his brother Pete again
at the end of the season, just to get
the lowdown on everything that’s
happened on the Road Lake this year
for Phil, and the full story on Pete’s
fantastic start on Horton in 2009, as
his brother says, he’s really had it off
over there this year, and caught the
fish that he was after.
Anyway, so that’s it, as he says and
we’ll all be seeing you soon. Thanks a
lot. n
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