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Naked Carping
By Spencer Humble
aked carping –
what’s that all
about, I hear you
ask? No, it’s nothing to do with Friday night trips to
the lake with it all hanging out
(although whatever lights your candle!). It’s simply a method that I have
used with great success, and in this
day and age of leaders being banned
here, there and everywhere, and the
bad press that leadcore and other purpose made leaders have been getting
of late, it’s a method that many of you
may consider having a look at. We are
talking naked rigs. Much of today’s
terminal tackle is aimed at the angler
more than improving our catches of
carp, however there can be no argument that concealing your tackle, and
especially your mainline, can be a big
(Above) Super buoyant pop-ups are
essential with the naked chod rig.
(Below) Cracking mirror on a naked
advantage, particularly on many of
today’s weedy but clear waters. Now
I’m not really talking about the latest
chameleon/camo/incognito braids,
tubes and leaders; I’m referring to
having as little attached to your mainline as possible – line, lead, swivel and
hook! Do we really need any more
than this? Maybe just a bit. Read


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