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Naked Carping
Let’s start with our mainline. Now
I’m a massive fan of X-Line, in particular in the 20lb strain, and use it for
99% of my carp fishing. To my mind,
and that of many of today’s top
a n g l e r s , i t ’s a m a s s i v e e d g e. I t
negates the use of leaders, sinks like a
brick, and is pretty much invisible in
water. You’ll read on the net that fluorocarbons attract the debris/ particles
that surround it, and that this is a
negative thing. To my mind having a
line that is coated in the very sediment it sits in is pretty much as good
a camouflage as it gets! If it worries
you, just give the line a wipe down
before casting or on retrieval with a
damp cloth or towel. I like to fish my
lines as slack as possible, most of the
time with them hanging totally limp
from the tip ring. A slack line means
there is no stretch, which means
i m m e d i a t e i n d i c a t i o n . Yo u ’d b e
amazed at how good slack line indication is – even drop backs with
semi-fixed leads create an immediate
indication at the rod end. It also of
course means we can conceal our
(Top) Slack lines – no stretch means
surprisingly efficient indication.
1. Naked chod rig – simple, efficient
and safe.
2. Naked helicopter rig.
3. Naked Fantauzzi rig (sorry, Steve!)
minus the short length of silicone tube.
4. Naked Fantauzzi with silicone
traps much more effectively. Of
course many other lines sink, and
alternatively you can even add tungsten putty to your chosen line, but
always keep safety in mind. Putty
must not get in the way of keeping
your safe rig safe!
So our mainline is now hidden and
we move onto the business end.
There are many options available to
us here, and probably the biggest
influence is what type of hooklength
you are using, from simple monofilament to fluorocarbons, coated braids
or a braided hooklength. Tangles here
are the consideration. A mono or fluro
hooklink gives you loads of options, as
tangles are rare. You can choose a
simple running setup, a lead clip type
set up, or my preference, a naked helicopter rig. It’s when we are talking
flexible and easily tangled hook links
that we need to pay special attention
to our terminal setup. My favourite
set up is simple, cheap, and most
importantly safe, as the carp will be
able to get rid of the lead and usually
any remaining mainline with no problem. They revolve around the helicopter and chod rig setups. Lets get
So we have started with 20lb X-


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