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AllThings Riggy
Hooklink materials
By John Claridge
ith such a
huge array of
materials on
the market
these days,
how do you choose which one to use
to tie your chosen rig? 20 years ago
when I started carp fishing, you didn't
Fluorocarbon caught 38lb 2oz mirror.
have the luxury of much choice. I
caught a lot of my early carp on
Dacron, which was limper than mono,
although not the most abrasion resistant material. Fortunately Kryston had
just been born, and after the tangling
Multistrand, the excellent braids of
Silkworm and Merlin hit the shop
walls, and you now had a fine, strong
and supple material that was totally
different to mono links, and tripped up
thousands of carp.
After that came the coated braids
such as Snakebite, and then the finer
Mantis, and choices of colours came
along too. Of course with most things
in the tackle trade, other companies
saw the huge potential market of
hooklink materials, and soon there
were several companies producing or
sourcing various different braids,
coated braids, fluorocarbons and
stiffer rig materials in different
colours, strengths and thickness with
most advertised as the ultimate revolutionary new hooklink material on
the market!
Going back to the original question
of how we choose which material to
use, it will depend on a few variables.
The mechanics of the rig we wish to
use will dictate which type of material
will perform correctly for that rig i.e.
supple braid, stiff fluorocarbon or stiff
mono, or combi rig – coated braids,
which come in various degrees of
stiffness, or maybe even a combination of two of the above – endless
possibilities. The clarity of the water
and the lakebed colour would also be
a factor in hooklink material choice. If
the water’s coloured then this would
be less of an issue, but on clear waters
the wrong choice of material would
stand out like a sore thumb, so a bit of
homework on what different hooklinks look like on various lakebeds
needs to be done so we can be confident at all times that our rig is as concealed as possible. If the carp is
unaware of the rig’s presence then he
will feed much harder, and thus be
much more catchable.
So from going from lake to lake, and
even from spot to spot can have a
bearing on which hooklink material to
use. This is one reason why I carry
quite a few different spools with me
at all times, as I then have the free-


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