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All Things Riggy
1. Braid/coated braid/fluorocarbon – all look different on same background.
2. Stringers or PVA sticks help to avoid tangles.
3. A stick will stop tangles with light hookbaits and long hairs (notice drop shot).
4. Three different colours – same material.
5. Know your spot and match the colour.
6. Choices of coated braid on silty bottoms.
preference is a PVA stick, as this way
not only does the stick hold the rig
out from the leadcore, but the hook is
concealed, and therefore can’t catch
anything in flight. Another reason I
don’t use braids very much out in the
lake is that when the lead falls
through the water the hookbait automatically gets dragged down verti-
cally above it. Unlike a stiffer material,
which will kick the hooklink away
from the lead, a braided rig will settle
on top or very close to the lead. Any
big fish checking for end tackle is
surely more likely to get spooked if
the bait is right next to the lead and
other end tackle than if it is some distance away?
For this reason a PVA stick of at
least 3-4ins will help give some separation between lead and hook, making a better trap in my opinion. The
length of the hooklink I feel is more
crucial when using braid than a stiffer
material in obtaining good hookholds,
as although a braided rig will be
sucked up much more easily, it can
also be spat out much easier as well.
A shorter hooklength coupled with a
long hair is what I’ve found to be the
right balance. When angling for big
carp (30lb-plus) a length of 5-7in with
an inch and a half hair is about right


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