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All Things Riggy
when armed with a heavy lead. This
length gives enough movement to
allow the bait to act naturally, but not
too much to let the fish feel the hooklink and spit it out before the lead
pulls the hook in. A long hair gives
good separation between bait and
hook, and so assists with the hook
falling to the floor of the mouth. A
dropper on the hooklink also helps to
pull the hook to the floor of the mouth.
By this I mean adding some weight
about 3ins from the hook by means of
1. Duller, better coloured coating.
2. I use a longer hooklink with mono.
3. A fluorocarbon makes an excellent
4. Choddy choice.
a split shot or putty, which can be
moulded into a more streamlined
shape so would be better than a shot
if being cast out into the lake. The
new Sinkers from Korda could also be
used to help pin the braid to the
lakebed, and a good tip would be to
add putty to one near the hook for the
'dropper' to add more weight to the
sinker. These will grip the hooklink
better than just putty on the braid.
Braids that I have used with success are Kryston Silkworm, ESP's Sinklink and Korda Supernatural. In my
early days Merlin was especially good
in 25lb, as it had a tighter weave than
the lighter breaking strains so it
remained quite fine for its high
strength, but unfortunately it
changed and was then too thick for
my liking. Sinklink is probably the
closest to the original Merlin, and as it
comes in a variety of breaking strains
can be used in an appropriate
strength for the situation. My best
braid-caught carp were my first two
Yateley Car Park captures, and were
both nailed on the same rig using a
7in link of 25lb Silkworm, knotless
knotted to a size 5 T-6 hook with an
imitation pellet attached to a 1.5in
hair, and with a large split shot 3in
from the hook to assist in pulling the
heavy hook into the floor of the
mouth. No fiddly bits and pieces –
just simple but effective in hooking
the mighty Chunky (R.I.P) and the
impressive Pearly Tail.
Moving on from braids, the next
progression was to coated braids. For


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