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PVA Friendly Edges
By Tim Childs
he use of PVA bags in
their various forms is
no thi ng ne w the s e
days, and is a tactic
that has produced a
huge amount of carp
for anglers all over the country. Visit
any popular day ticket venue and
sooner or later you’ll come across an
angler using PVA bags of one description or another. Anglers such as Tim
Wagner and Mark Hutchinson have
been singing the virtues of solid type
bags for a number of years now, and
both have had excellent results whilst
using this method. Indeed it was
through their writings, and spending
a little time with both these anglers a
few years ago that I started to use and
experiment with PVA bags, in particular the solid versions that both Tim
and Mark rate so highly.
Whilst the idea of solid bags is
indeed an excellent one, anyone who
has followed articles in the various
monthly magazines over the last cou-
ple of years will notice that there
always seems to be one common factor involved, and that is that the
author usually bases his bag
approach and his ingredient choice
around the use of pellets, sometimes
mixed together, as pellets are available in various sizes and colours. I
have to admit I myself have done a lot
of this type of angling in the past on
waters such as Horseshoe and Linear
Fisheries, usually combined with a
particle approach of spodded hemp,
pellets or seed type baits. Past results
have been good, as pellets are indeed
an excellent base for solid bags, and
will continue to produce a percentage
of caught fish year after year. Whilst
still an excellent starting point, by
using a little imagination and sourcing a few other products you can
open up a whole new area of angling
that will certainly add an extra
dimension to your fishing.
With a number of waters across the
country becoming increasingly
weedy each year, by utilising solid
PVA bags you can achieve an excellent presentation. The weight of the
ingredients combined with the lead is
enough to plummet these small
parcels through the weed, and to settle perfectly on the bottom.
I’ve used this solid bag setup on a
number of waters over the years, but
on venues where large quantities of
weed are present then these small
solid food parcels cannot in my view
be beaten. With the hooklink secured
within the bag there is no chance of
any part of your rig catching on weed
or on surface debris, and once the
(Above) Weedy waters make for ideal
PVA bag tactics.
(Left) This superb near-30lb mirror
couldn’t resist a PVA parcel.


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