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PVA Friendly Edges
PVA has dissolved you’re left with the
perfect trap that will fool even the
wariest of carp.
In early 2008 I discovered a range of
particles sold by southwest based
Cotswold Baits. The range of particles
available from them were and still are
unique in the fact that they are PVA
friendly, and therefore will not melt
either solid or mesh type PVA bags.
The advantages of this hit me immediately, and I was quick off the mark
to stock up on a number of their products. Within their range there are a
number of particles to choose from;
hemp is available both in standard
and their chilli kick version, maize in
standard, yellow and red, and tiger
nuts and a mixed small seed particle
combination. Early trials with these
baits in a variety of PVA bags proved
them to be spot-on, and I’m they sure
gave me an extra edge on a number of
waters I fished in 2008.
One of my favourite tactics, and
(Top right) PVA friendly and ideal for
bag work.
1. Mesh or solid bags are perfect to
2. Required rig components.
3. Short supple rigs are ideal with
PVA bags.
4. Using a spoon will help fill the bags.
one that I feel has a lot of mileage, has
b e e n t o u s e C o t s w o l d ’ s P VA
hempseed in solid type PVA bags.
Used with short braided hooklinks
and combined with relatively small
hooks and small baits, this is an
excellent and little used tactic. The
only other real addition that I’ve used
has been to add a little hempseed oil
or fish type oil especially for the summer months. The other ingredient
that I’ve found useful is to have a
small tub of hemp groundbait at your
disposal, whilst the particles won’t
melt the PVA, any dampness or wet
surface of your rig could lead to problems, subsequently I now roll and
cover my rig in groundbait prior to
loading it into the PVA bag, which
ensures the rig is dry and therefore
any problems are avoided. To go with
the hemp theme I usually use Dynamite Baits crushed hemp mix, as this
is ideal for drying out any dampness.
As I’ve said, most anglers when
choosing to fish with solid bags will
immediately reach for trout or halibut
pellets as an ingredient, mainly
because, firstly, that is what has
become acceptable in recent years,
secondly, they are easy to store and
use, and thirdly, they do catch fish on
a number of waters. To be honest
though, offering the fish something
they’ve not yet been exposed to can
give the thinking angler a real edge
on some of today’s pressured big fish
waters. Despite these baits now
being available in a wide range of
shops all over the country, I feel
anglers may have been a little slow in
picking up on their advantages.
Indeed late last summer, whilst visiting a local venue, I bumped into one
angler who was still drying his hemp
and tiger nut mixture on towels and


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