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PVA Friendly Edges
whole host of suitable leads available
from a number of different companies. When combined with a couple of
ounces of hemp they make the ideal
food parcel and are perfect for my
Hooklink choice is vitally important
when using solid bags, as the link
must be able to fold within the confines of the bag, so there is no place
for coated or stiff hooklengths with
this method. There are a number of
suitable braided links available, so my
advice would be to shop around and
1. Now clear the corners and lick
down the edges…
2. …to make an aerodynamic solid
3. Once in the water the PVA starts to
4. After a few minutes a perfect trap
has been set.
5. Dynamite Baits particles, ideal feed
find one that is suited to the waters
you fish. Obviously the size of your
bag will dictate how long you your
hooklink should be, but I normally try
and keep them short; somewhere in
the region of 3-5ins. Imagine a large
carp coming over a small pile of hemp
with your hookbait sat right in the
middle – one suck and the whole lot
could be gone. In this situation short
links that tighten up to the lead
quickly will usually result in a wellhooked carp. One final little tip is that
I usually rub a little lead putty down
the hooklink, as this helps to pin
everything down. You’ll be surprised
how much even a small hooklink can
float when untreated.
When it comes to hooks, many
anglers have their own personal
favourites, but for bag work, bearing
in mind that both food items and the
hookbait will usually be quite small, I
try and use the smallest hook possible
without compromising on the
strength. Size 10 or 8 hooks are my
usual starting point for open water or
winter fishing, but if conditions are
extreme i.e. heavy weed or snags, my
number one choice is the Centurion
hooks in size 10 sold by Carp R Us,
which are both mega strong and ultra
sharp. With the use of small food
items I like to attempt to keep my
hookbait a similar size to the baits in
the bag. Single pieces of maize, tiger
nuts and plastic corn are ideal when
fishing solid bags, and they’re all ideal
at matching any of the PVA particles
that Cotswold baits sell. If you’re
looking to be a little more adventurous, then try a small barrel type hookbait, or even a 10mm pop-up fished
‘low to the deck’. The best way I’ve
found to balance small pop-ups is
with the use of lead wire, inserting a
small sliver of wire into the back of
the pop-up nearest the hook. This
way you can make the hookbait ‘sit
up and beg’ sometimes just half an
inch off the bottom. When covered
with a mound of hemp or small particles, this presentation looks superb.
One final tip when it comes to hookbaits, especially the plastic or artificial
type, is to soak them in a pot of Nash
Sweetcorn Extract. I’ve been doing


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