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PVA Friendly Edges
(Above) Another little edge – maize
(Below) This Horseshoe fully scaled
mirror fell to a solid bag setup.
this for a number of years now, and
b e l i e v e i t ’s a m a j o r e d g e i n m y
With any type of PVA bag, remember you’re casting a heavier load than
you would under normal circumstances. Strong, stiff rods are obviously going to work better when
punching those bags out to the horizon, so unless fishing at close range
leave those soft-actioned rods at
home. A good quality smooth casting
mono line in 10-15lb is also recommended, used in conjunction with a
quality shock leader if you are to
avoid cracking off sooner or later.
Obviously the use of these PVAfriendly particles is not solely for the
use of solid bag ‘bag work’, as they
can be used with all manner of PVA.
There are loads of different PVA products out there these days, and with a
little thought you can achieve a number of unique baiting strategies. In
fact one tactic that I’ve used over this
last winter is to fish just a few pieces
of either maize or a few small tiger
nuts in mesh type PVA. This type of
bag can then be hooked onto your rig
as normal, but offers that slightly different presentation than the usual pile
of pellets.
When it comes to whether to fish
the bags over large beds of particles
or on their own, then each venue
should be assessed on each visit to
the water. Sometimes a large bed of
particles or hemp may be perfect,
whereas at other times just a small
bag of seeds may be all you need to
get a bite. With the popularity of ready
prepared particles at out disposal
from companies like Dynamite Baits,
using small mass baits has never
been so easy. This summer, if looking
for something a little different, why
not try tiger nuts fished in PVA bags
or maize stringers, or if really looking
for an edge try fishing the mixed particles in bags with a little trimmed
down tiger hookbait? There are a
number of variations and combinations that can be used with these
baits, and that could just result in that
fish of your dreams.
Whilst I’m sure there are many
readers who have used solid bags
before, perhaps now is the time for a
rethink on your chosen ingredients. I
can certainly recommend the range of
PVA friendly particles from Cotswold
Baits – you never know, they might
just be what you’re looking for. n


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