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In Search of Monster Carp
drained and the fish were being taken
to create this super lake up the road. I
can understand how they felt, but the
difference for me was that I was coming up just after all that had happened. The fish had already been put
into Harefield, so there was this fantastic lake that we were able to go
and fish, and it was a fantastic lake –
unbelievable at that time.
I think the only thing that gutted
John Stent all through those years
was that he never actually got the
biggest fish out of Rodney. There was
a fish in there called Big Rod, which
was a mid-30, a big fish at the time.
He reckons he saw it get over the net
when they were netting it, and there
were all sorts of rumours about what
happened to it after that, such as
some of the old regulars had gone
back down there, caught it and
moved it. To be honest, I don’t know
what happened to it, but I never saw
another picture of it to this day. But it
was the big fish, and it would have
been fantastic in Harefield for sure,
because there were a lot of 30lb fish in
there. I think the only one that didn’t
go into Harefield was the Pet, and
that went into Farlows. There had
been a big 30 in Farlows before, which
(Top) Only four weekends into my
Harefield campaign, and I banked
Small Pecs again, at 35lb, along with a
25lb mirror.
(Below) Harefield wasn’t the prettiest
lake, but it held some fantastic carp.
had gone missing somewhere, so the
Pet was now the biggest fish in Farlows, and all the rest went into Harefield. There were somewhere
between 15-20 different 30lb fish in
Harefield, which was fantastic at the
time. Darenth probably held the most
30’s at the time, and Fox Pool had
quite a few in – probably six or eight
over 30lb. Johnsons probably had less
than that, four or five maybe, and then
you had Harefield, which had 15-20
in, and although it was a bigger
water, if you could get on them, you
had a real chance of a 30lb carp.
Anyway, the second weekend that I
fished I walked all the way round and
every swim was taken. I got round to
the Pads where there was a swim
empty, and I just beat this bloke to it.
I was next door to Phil Harper using
his ham pop-ups; I think he had got a
job lot of ham flavour, and I think he’s
probably still using it now. Every time
I saw him he was using ham pop-ups,
but I put out my fishmeals, and next
day about midday off it went. After
proper good old scrap, I got a fish
known as Small Pecs. I remember it,
because it was the 17th different 30
out of Harefield that year, and it was
only a month into the season – midJuly. That probably doesn’t mean so
much to people now, but in those
days, that was mind-blowing. It was
the first time that fish had been
caught that year; it was my first Harefield carp, and it was a personal best
English fish at 34lb 8oz, so I was well
pleased with that one.
That was definitely going to be my
fishing for that season. I would get
there by hook or by crook, as long as I
could avoid John Stent knowing I was
there. I would sneak in and fish there,
and it was amazing; everyone just
kept it under their hat. They all knew
I was fishing there, and it was great,
with good people up there, and of


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