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In Search of Monster Carp
could see n one had even been to the
edge of the lake; there were no paths.
As soon as we walked through, there
was a pathway through that stayed
there forever, so definitely no one had
been there before. All we knew was
that these fish had been in there from
years before, but there were rumours
of a fish kill, so we didn’t know what
was going to be in there and what
wasn’t. For all we knew there might
have been nothing in there. We
started fishing it around March, and
there was no sign of any carp whatsoever. I’m trying to think when it was,
but I know the first bite I had was a
tench, and it caused quite a bit of
excitement because it was the first
bite we’d had. We still hadn’t seen
any sign of carp or anything else, but
I got this bite, so at least there was
something alive in there. A few weeks
later, just as spring was coming along,
one of the guys called me, I forget
who it was, and said “I’m fishing
down one end and there are all these
carp jumping out in front of me.” So I
thought, Christ, they are still in there,
thank God for that.
Over the next few weeks, as the
weather started to warm up, we
started to see all these carp. There
weren’t many in there; I think the lake
was around 60 acres, although it
didn’t look quite that big to me. There
were a couple of other pits that were
actually joined up to it through channels, so it was a fair bit of water. We
started seeing these fish down in one
bay, which was called No Carp Bay.
Normally on lakes, No Carp Bay is
where all the carp are, and it was no
exception here. I mean it was good to
be seeing these fish for a start; one
because we knew there were carp in
there, and two, because if they were
the old carp then they were good fish
a lot of these fish.
I’ll always remember stories that
Matt was telling us, because he had
caught the 40, and that was the
biggest known carp that had been
caught in there. He was telling about
this big fish in there, the big sandy
mirror. He reckoned he was up a tree
one day, and he was looking down
and the 40 came in and was feeding
underneath him. He had already
caught it so he knew the fish, and
then this other fish came in that was
at least 10lb bigger, and he literally fell
out of the tree he was so shocked, but
that was all we ever knew about it.
You always hear rumours about big
fish, and you think to yourself well,
sounds great, but who knows
whether it’s true or not? We all like to
(Top) Chantecoq was big, but it was
also full of carp that weren’t too hard
to catch.
(Left) I was well pleased to land this
47lb 4oz Cassien mirror on a chilly
January morning.


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