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In Search of Monster Carp
think it’s true.
Well, one day we looked in this bay
and there was the 40 and a couple of
the others, and there was this sandy
mirror. It sat there for best part of two
hours I suppose, so I had a good look
at it. We knew all the other fish alongside it, and it was definitely 50lb, and
God, the excitement between us all.
There were upper 30’s, up to mid-40
possibly, and this other great big
thing that had never been caught. To
be honest, to this day I still don’t think
it has ever been caught; I don’t know
anyone who has ever caught it. I
don’t know how old it is or what it
eats; its just one of those fish, but it’s
in there, or it certainly was. It gave us
the buzz to go and concentrate on
We were all more or less Carp Company boys at the time, and they did a
very good fishmeal at the time, so we
all went in with that. We mixed the
fishmeal and a bit of salmon oil, and
we all fished it. You could only fish
one end of Summerleaze, as the other
end was out of bounds. They were
still working it, but luckily, the end we
were seeing all these fish was the bit
you could fish. I think Ian Russell was
the first one to get a fish; he caught a
24lb mirror, and that was the start of
it. We knew that all of a sudden this
was the window of opportunity to
catch the Summerleaze carp. There
was one swim that I seemed to fish all
the time more than the others, called
Second Point or the Willows. I went in
there, and there was no one normally
fishing to the right and this guy Colin
‘Gaylord’ Nash used to fish further
round, right up the end of the bank
with his mate. Well his mate went on
holiday, and he didn’t want to be left
up there on his own. I was down for a
two-week session or something like
that, and the next thing he was set-
ting up in the swim about 10yds to
my right and I thought, oh shit. I
mean there was someone to my left,
and he was where I had just marked
out to fish. The area was really in front
of him, so I was going to have to move
over a bit. He was a nice guy, don’t
get me wrong, but I was gutted to
seen him going in there; I couldn’t
believe it, but there we go.
Over the next few days it started to
fish, and I caught my first Summerleaze carp, a 27lb’er. They were fantastic looking mirrors, like the old
Leney strain, but oh, I was gutted. I
missed out on a good opportunity
really because to my left, Ian Russell
had the Fully Scaled at 37lb something, and Colin to my right caught
the two biggest fish in the lake, a
44lb’er and the second biggest one,
which was normally a 40, at 39lb the
same day, and it was from the spot I
was going to be fishing if he hadn’t
moved in. It’s all ifs and buts; there’s
no saying I would have caught if I had
been there, but you know, that was
the chance if you know what I mean,
and I felt like I had missed out, so I
was a bit gutted. I did catch another
(Above) I was back at Cassien for
another winter session in 1995 and
ended up with another good fish of
47lb 12oz.
(Left) I fished the waters down at
Woking a few times, and caught a few
including this fully-scaled mirror.


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