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In Search of Monster Carp
long as there are only one or two people on the island, I can’t see a problem
with it,” the old commodore or whatever he was. So the syndicate leader
said to me, “It’s me that’s gone and
sorted all this out, so do you mind
keeping it quiet and just letting me
and my mate have a few weekends
first, because we’ve done all the hard
work?” Pete and I said, “Fine, no problem, good on you for sorting it out. Go
out there and have a go, and we’ll
have a go in a few weeks’ time,”
which we did.
So they had their bit of fun, and
then we came down with our boats
and went out on the island. In the
meantime, the same guy who had
caught me fishing the year before
came down in his little white van,
saw our cars in the car park, and
couldn’t see us. Eventually, knowing
we were there somewhere, he got out
in his boat with one of the other guys,
came out and found us on the island,
and went into one, “What you doing
out here, you’re risking all out tickets,
you can’t fish out here, blah, blah,
blah.” We said, “Hold on, we’ve got
something to tell you; we’ve got permission to fish off the islands. The
syndicate leader sorted it all out for
us, and all he asked was that we kept
it quiet for a while, and it was up to
him to tell all of the syndicate that
boats were allowed.” I can understand how he felt, but we had caught
him on the hop a bit, so he went
straight round to the syndicate
leader’s house and demanded that
something should be done, and there
should be a meeting about it. We
were all asked to pack up and leave
the island that day until they could
have a meeting.
Well they had the meeting in our
absence, and Pete and I got banned. It
was a funny old syndicate, and it
could be a bit like a witch-hunt.
They’d ban anyone who wasn’t there
at the time I think, but we didn’t really
do anything wrong. We had permission to be on the island, all we hadn’t
done was tell everyone else that it
was allowed, and that was only
because we’d been asked not to. But
the end result of the meeting was that
we got banned from Summerleaze, so
that was the end of my fishing there.
It was a strange old sequence of
Obviously I was gutted to be
banned again, and it sounds like I’m
always pleading innocent when getting banned from these places. But so
far really, I still hadn’t done anything
wrong in my own eyes, but what can
you do? These things happen in fishing.
That’s all we’ve got room for,
but join us next month as Steve
moves onto his other Colne Valley water. n
(Top) The Summerleaze ‘Runt’. A
friendly carp that I had a couple of
(Right) Everyone left because of the
weed, but I went back and banked a
couple including this little beauty!


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