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A Full Moon Cracker!
t’s now early October as I
write this, and I have just
returned from a really special
session that I’ll tell you more
about in a bit, but what I can
say is that autumn is well and
truly here now. It’s now dark by 7pm
and not light until after 6am, so my
overnight sessions are now set up
and pack up in the dark. This time of
year can be really rewarding though if
you are prepared to put in a little
After the success of having Hendrix
back in mid-August, I was as keen as
ever to get the rods back out, and the
following week I was back at Cleverley for another session. It was my
usual arrival time of late evening on
the Sunday, and after a quick walk
round the lake I decided to drop back
into the same swim as the previous
week, as I saw no signs telling me to
go anywhere else. By 9pm I had the
rods out and areas baited, and I settled down for the evening with a nice
mug of red. After a couple of hours
and a few mugs of the finest, I
decided to get my head down.
I was up just before 6am the following morning, watching the water,
when Chilly arrived for his morning
cuppa, and putting of the world to
rights, which was a regular thing for
us on a Monday. Just as the kettle
boiled, the right hand rod was away,
but this resulted in a tench, which
was unhooked in the water and
returned. Not five minutes later the
middle rod pulled up tight, and we
both thought another tench was the
culprit. After a couple of minutes
though, the fish rolled on the surface,
and we both saw that it was in fact a
carp and not a tench at all. Thirty seconds later the bloody hook pulled and
it was gone! I convinced myself that it
was only a small one, but it’s always
gutting losing a fish no matter the
size. After a couple of cuppas Chilly
went on his way to find a suitable
swim, and I sorted the rods and got
them back out. Nothing happened for
the rest of the day, but as I got my
head down for the night I felt pretty
I woke in the night around midnight, freezing cold and shivering, but
put it down to a sudden drop in temperature, put my fleece on, and tried
to get back to sleep. When I woke in
the morning I felt really unwell, and
my left leg had pins and needles the
complete length of it. When I tried to
get up off the bedchair, the pain made
me throw up! Something wasn’t
right, and I felt really quite ill. I had to
pack up as I was meeting Jon Mac
and Keith Jones together with Kevin
down at the Nash offices to do some
recorded articles for a couple of other
magazines, but to honest I really
didn’t feel like doing it. I met with the
guys and we did the tapes, which
went well, but as soon as they were
done I was off, as I just wanted to get
home and get my head down. As soon
as I was home I went to bed and slept
until early afternoon the following
day, but when I woke I felt worse than
ever! I managed to get an appointment with the doctor, and when he
(Top) Sunrise over the new lake.
(Below) First blood in the shape of this
18lb 14oz common.


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