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A Full Moon Cracker!
saw me I was immediately sent to
hospital where tests were carried out
together with X-rays.
It turned out that something had
bitten me just to the left of the knee in
the night when I was fishing, and that
it had somehow poisoned my blood. I
was fortunate that the infection had
only affected the left leg; it could have
been a lot worse! I was put on a
course of drugs, and a week or so later
I was on the mend again. What a rotten bloody month I’d had – first the
swine flu then this, what was next? I
couldn’t complain really though, as I
had after all had a 40lb mirror in the
shape of Hendrix only a week or so
earlier. Anyway, back to the fishing.
Although it was my intention to
stay on at Cleverley up until November before moving on to Dinton for the
winter, I was getting itchy feet and
was starting to think about where I
could go in search of a 40lb common.
I had taken a walk round Snake Pit in
Colchester with a mate, which was
known to hold a big common, and I
quite fancied a crack at the place. It
appealed to me, but I was thinking
that it was probably a bit late in the
year to start on there, and would leave
Just look at the length of it.
it until the spring, as once I had
started I probably wouldn’t want to
pull off, and really didn’t want to miss
another winter on Dinton. I needed to
have another think where I could go,
but while I did, I continued to fish
over on Cleverley.
My next session saw me pulling
through the mere’s gates late the following Sunday night at around
9.30pm. I had a walk round the lake,
and was surprised at how busy it
was. A few fish had been out over the
weekend, and this had obviously
made a few stay on the extra night. I
saw a couple of fish show out in front
of the Bowls swim, but this was
taken. I also witnessed a fish stick its
head out in the swim known as Gav’s,
which was free, so I decided to drop
in there for the night, with the option
of moving in the morning when the
guy in Bowls was off. As I knew the
swim well, it was no problem getting
the rods out in the dark, and within 20
minutes all three rods were out on the
spots with mesh PVA bags of broken
Scopex Squid boilies, and baited with
the usual Scopex Squid freebies.
Although there were a few fish shows
during the night, I woke the following
morning fishless, and was soon looking to have a move into the Bowls, as
I had seen a few fish earlier still in the
By noon the guy had vacated the
swim, so I moved my gear in and set
about getting the rods out. The first
rod to go out was the left one. This
was waded down the margin into the
corner of the Bowls where there was
a clearing in the weed. I lowered a rig
down onto the spot that was baited
with a small Scopex Squid barrel
boilie topped with a piece of Mutant
yellow corn on the hair. A PVA bag
was attached to it, and a further six
PVA bags of freebies were scattered
around it. This corner is a known productive spot, and is where Cleverley’s
largest resident, Ringo, often gets
caught from. In fact this year Ringo
has been out four times from there.
The middle rod was cast around
35yds to a hard spot off the front of a
reedbed, and the right hand rod
dropped just off the front of a
weedbed three or four rod lengths
out. Again both rods were baited with
the Scopex Squid. I was using my
usual rig, the blowout ring rig, as I
have so much confidence in it, and
it’s caught me more fish than I can
remember. If you’re confident with a
rig and it works for you, then as I’ve
said before, I see no reason to start


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