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A Full Moon Cracker!
With all this smiling this year I’m at
risk of losing my reputation of being a
miserable sod behind the camera!
these are quite close together, which
can cause a few problems, but the
main two swims are the Point and the
Car Park. These two swims are opposite each other, and between them
control a large portion of the lake.
There is also a shallow bay that the
fish tend to get in during the day.
Depths vary between 18in and 9ft,
with the lakebed being quite silty.
There are however a lot of gravel bars,
and from what I witnessed most people fish on those.
As soon as I was in possession of
my ticket I went over to the lake to do
a work overnighter and get some bait
in. I had a good lead about, and
decided not to fish up on the gravel
bars but on the edge of them or in the
silt channels. Rig-wise I decided to
use a Jon Mac pop-up rig on one rod,
with a white chocolate airball pop-up
as the hookbait. This was constructed
using Nash The Missing Link hooklink material in 20lb with a size 6 Fang
X hook. The other rod had my usual
blow-out rig on it, but instead of the
oval ring on the hook I opted to use a
small piece of silicone rubber. This
was because of the large amounts of
tench in the lake, and I wanted to see
if they were picking up the hookbait
and getting away with it. With the
oval ring there is no way of knowing,
as it can freely move up and down,
but with the silicone on the hook,
once ejected it slides down and stays
there. The hookbait was to be a 15mm
Scopex Squid boilie topped with a
piece of yellow Mutant corn.
Staff holidays meant that I had to
work every day for the next couple of
weeks, and overnighters were my
only option if I was going to do any
fishing. Work wasn’t going to stop me,
so at just after 5pm I was on my way.
For my first night I chose to fish a corner swim, which looked really carpy.
This was just to the right of the car
park swim. My left hand rod, which
was the pop-up rod, was cast a short
distance of around 10yds into a silt
gully, and was baited with 30 Scopex
Squid 15mm freebies. The other rod
was cast slightly further out to the
side of a gravel bar with a PVA bag
containing five broken and five whole
15mm Scopex Squid boilies. I then
fired out a further six PVA bags containing the same, as well as a pouchful of small barrel baits.
I fished a 12-hour session, which
resulted in bugger all, but to be honest it was a lot to expect to catch on
my first night. As I barrowed my gear
back to the van though, I got a really
good a feeling about the place, and
knew that I was going to like it on
The next evening after work saw
me lake-bound again; in fact I fished
the next three nights doing 12-hour
s e s s i o n s e a c h t i m e. T h e s e
overnighters saw me have six tench
between 9lb 8oz and 10lb 8oz, all on
the white chocolate pop-ups, but no
carp. Don’t get me wrong, these are
cracking tench by any standard, but
not what I was after, so I decided to
drop the pop-ups and put both rods
out as snowman hookbaits. Each
morning before heading off to work I
baited up with four kilos of the
Scopex Squid, hoping that the carp
would start to get a taste of the bait.


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