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A Full Moon Cracker!
Over the next ten days I only managed to fish one overnighter after
work due to both family and work
commitments. On the only other
night that I did get a chance to fish, I
arrived at the lake only to find it so
busy there wasn’t a swim free. It was
obvious to me that people were
aware the big common was due out,
and I really needed to be there before
it was all too late. I decided to take the
next week off work, as we were now
back to full staff, and have a good
crack at catching the common. There
was a rumour going round the lake
that it had been out at 39lb 12oz, but
I was sure this was rubbish, and had
been put about in an attempt to put
some people off fishing there, me
being one of those people. I was
going to be fishing from Sunday night
of the 28th September for nine days in
an attempt to nail the big one, and
this coincided with the approach to
the full moon, a so-called big common
Saturday saw me preparing the
bait, and I chopped up 12kg of 20mm
Scopex Squid in to quarters, and also
prepared some hemp just in case I
needed it. After dropping my kids
back to their mum, I loaded my van,
and by 7.30pm I was on my way. An
hour later I was at the lake, and on
walking round met up with Luke and
his friend Dan who were both doing
the night. Dan was fishing the Point
swim, and he informed me that he
had a fair few fish in front of him, and
he was off in the morning just before
lunch. I decided to drop in next door
Work overnighters under the stars.
so when he pulled off in the morning,
I would move into where he was.
Luke was fishing to his right on the
side of the point. I just flicked the rods
out for the night with PVA bags on,
and then settled down for a social
night with a few ciders that I had
bought with me.
Luke was away first thing in the
morning, and Dan left just after 11am,
having had a small common on his
left hand rod, so I set about moving
into my swim for the week. I had a
good marker about, and after an hour
or so of leading found a small area
where the silt thinned out, and a faint
feeling of gravel was evident. This
spot about 45yds out, and was 7.5ft
deep. I really fancied this area,
popped the marker up, and sorted a
visual against the treeline. I then set
about spodding out 20kg of Scopex
Squid boilies in mixed sizes and
chopped up 20’s. I then spodded a
dozen spods of hemp and a dozen
spods of Monster Carp Pellet in the
same flavour. I was using a prototype
s p o d t h a t Ke v i n a n d G a r y h a d
designed, and I have to say I was
impressed with it. It took me four
hours to spod out all the bait, and my
arm was killing me after it was done, I
just hoped all my effort would be
worthwhile. The idea behind the baiting was that I intended to draw the
fish in over the week, and they in turn
would hopefully bring in the Big Girl.
I added the hemp and pellet to try to
clear the thin film over the gravel.
I put one rod on the baited area,
and one rod off to the right. Come the
Thursday the 1st when the three-rod
rule came in, I thought I would put
two on the bait and the other off it. All
rods were baited with large barrel
hookbaits topped with purple fluoro
F1 10mm pop-ups and PVA bags of
broken bait.
The following 48 hours were
uneventful, but late afternoon on the
Wednesday I saw a few fish start to
roll over the baited area, and things
were definitely looking good for a
take. As I got my head down that
night I was full of confidence, and at
5.50am on the Thursday, the rod over
the bait was away. After a short scrap,
including having to stop the fish getting into the margin snags, I netted an
immaculate little common, which
went 18lb 14oz. I took a couple of self
takes, as it was my first fish from the
lake, and I always try to photograph
my first fish, and then I slipped it
I got the rod back out on the spot,
and then put the third rod out alongside it. It’s a good feeling getting your
first fish under your belt, no matter
the size, as it’s a real confidence
booster, and I was sure this was the
start of a good few more.
I had a visit from Milky mid-morning for a cuppa and a chat, as he was
on his way home after doing a couple
of days on a nearby lake. After an hour
he went on his way, but during the
course of the rest of the day more and
more fish started rolling over the bait,
including a couple of shows which
I’m sure were the big common. I was
expecting a take at any time, but I had


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