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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
ello all. I’ll start with
an introduction.
Fishing started for
me at around the
age of five when I
started venturing
from my home in Stepney Green to
Victoria Park in Bethnal Green. My
mates and I tried to catch anything
we could then; I had a telescopic outfit that came complete within one bag
– you know, the Argos type ones!
I moved from Stepney to Bethnal
Green at the age of 12, closer to Vicky
Park and the Grand Union and
Regents Canals. At this age I started
to get an interest in catching tench
and carp, as they really did battle on
light tackle. Next was night fishing
with a handful of mates from the flats
trying to dodge the parkies and the
late night drunks. Night fishing was
not permitted in Vicky Park, and the
canals were a popular route home for
some after chucking out time. From
here we started to venture further
afield on the tube to Wansted and
Snaresbrook’s Hollow and Eagle
Ponds where the tench and carp were
more abundant. Then it was a mix of
football, horse riding, watching the
Arsenal and in between, girls, so the
fishing took a little, but only a little, bit
of a back seat.
30lb 4oz.
At 23 I left home and bought my
first property in Stone, just outside
Dartford. It was here that my carp
fishing really became the only fishing
agenda I had. I started to fish at a
number of different waters such as
Littlebrook, Holborough (a Blue Circle
Lake in Snodland), RMC Stanford-LeHope Lake One (now Wharf Pool),
Mollonds Lane (South East Essex
Carp Fishery) and Brooklands to
name a few.
Whilst fishing these I was waiting
for my DDAPS (Dartford and District
Angling and Preservation Society)
ticket to come through. This was soon
through, and I found myself fishing
the Sutton-at-Hone lakes, in particular the Small Lake. It was here that I
met and fished alongside the late and
great Alan Smith and Scruffy Bob
(RIP), and not to forget Micky Sly, Sam
Rosier, the Streeters (Melvin and Joe)
and a whole host of other characters
that I could go on listing, the youngest
of these being Spencer (Puppy) Humble.
Next moves were field testing
Alan’s Sensible Baits, the only one
ever to put a sell by date on base
mixes. I came to know Alan quite
well, and often chatted in his living
room, going through his photos and
chatting all things carpy. I also
become an honorary bailiff at DDAPS.
So, enough of that and let’s go current, well, last year for starters.
Cotton Farm, my first
and only trip of 2008
I managed to get my ticket for Cotton Farm for the 2008-2009 season,
and for a number of reasons only got
down to fish it once for a short day
session. On that visit I bumped into a
few old faces that I had not seen for
an age; some from DDAPS and some
from the Tackle Box, and it was good
to catch up. One of those faces was
Roy Wheeler, and I took absolute
notice of what was being shared with
me. Roy had just fished the night and
had reeled in looking for a move to try
and snatch one before having to leave
for home.
Moving round and picking up the
snippets of information on the lake
being shared whilst looking for those
elusive scaly ones, we came to the
Back Bay. There are set of fire escape
stairs for offices there – one hell of an
observation point, and it was quite
clear there were fish present. Besides
the three I could see, there was a very,
very clouded area where one or two
fish were clearly at the dinner table! I
was absolutely itching to just drop a
bait in right then. I managed to stay
calm and refrain from sliding down
the handrail to get the sticks out
quick. I stopped and watched their
behaviour for a while longer to see
what happened next.
The fish stayed in the area, mostly


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