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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
just mooching sub-surface, but the
feeding activity continued, so, game
on, and time to get some traps set. As
they were particularly close I put on
some 1oz leads on a lead clip and
small pop-ups, 10mm pineapple on
one rod, and the second with a 10mm
Scopex. Hooklinks were 8in coated
braid with the last inch peeled back.
There was no space for the third rod,
as the area I was fishing was not a
designated swim – sorry, Lee. I baited
very lightly with just a few handfuls of
hemp and sweetcorn around both
gently sprinkled in.
Anyway, I sat there and could see
both hookbaits along with the carp
and tench present in the area. I could
see three carp moving from right to
left towards where the hookbaits lay.
The first of the three took a glance
and then came to a sudden halt; the
pecs were doing overtime as if it had
slammed the brakes on! Strange. The
other two, obviously noticing that
something was not quite right,
cruised past without a look. Well they
clearly didn’t like the pop-up arrangement, so as soon as they were clear of
the area I swung in the two hookbaits. It was off with the pop-ups, and
I changed these both to a few simple
grains of corn on the hair.
With that all changed and a gentle
drop back out, I topped up with a few
more handfuls of hemp and corn.
Within what seemed to be five minutes, I could see a pair of tench get-
ting close to the baits. If I had a pickup from one of these now it would
well and truly clear the small quiet
bay of all its resident carp, thus scuppering any chance I would have. My
hand went straight to the left rod; I
was just about to lift the bait nearest
them out of the water, and the carp
were back. I wasn’t too sure if they
were the same fish, as these were
scoffing and clouding up big time, but
the tench moved over for the big‘uns.
As quick as I could take my hand
off the left rod the other one just tore
off. The shallow water in the bay just
erupted as one angry carp headed for
escape. Lifting into the fish it started
to put up a right old tussle as I was
trying to gain back the line from the
initial run. I managed to turn it and
regain some line. After two more
surges it was beaten and ready for the
net after a short, hectic battle in the
shallow but weedy bay. It went in the
net first time, and looking down on
one superb bar of gold put a massive
silly grin on my face. Luckily for me I
had spotted a familiar face heading in
my direction. A quick call out for help
to Mark, and the unhooking mat,
camera, weigh sling and the like were
sorted, and then out it came. I was
absolutely delighted to be looking at
one seriously stunning common. Up
on the scales it went 29lb 4oz. So, six
hours in, I had managed to bag my
first Cotton jewel.
Manor Farm
Now it was time to get back to the
other side of the bridge and have a go
at the Manor. Now these two waters
are like chalk and cheese in terms of
makeup. Cotton is a brackish lake in
close proximity to the Thames, and
Manor is an irrigation pond dug by a
farmer, and full of clay and silt. Not
being a sponsored angler, I, along
with former DDAPS member Stuart
Parker, decided to start to roll bait for
ourselves. We decided on a base mix


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