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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
from the Nutrabaits range complemented with the Nash Squid powder.
Wednesday nights was bait night,
and Friday nights for fishing.
Well my first prize was in the shape
of the Heart Tail at 37lb 12oz, three
hours into an overnighter, from the
swim known as the 18. Spencer Humble was next door in the Flat swim so
I phoned him and said, “Chop chop,
Spence – I’ve got one in the net.” The
response was along the lines of, “Top
angling, you only just bloody got
For one reason or another, Stu and I
decided to mix and match our baits
using the home rolled with others to
try and ring the changes. Tails Up Pro
Fish was doing the business, having
been a particular favourite for the late
and great Amphibian (RIP, girl) and a
few had been coming out on Mainline’s Cell.
The most notable catch for me after
Heart Tail was the Anchor. I had just
returned from holiday and dropped
into a swim called the Number One,
as I’d spotted some bubblers. After a
walk around the rest of the lake there
appeared to be no signs of fish feeding anywhere else, so the One it was
to be. I had not fished the swim at all
this year, so I had a quick lead around
without a marker as there were obviously fish in the swim. I quickly found
some clear areas, so out went the
hookbaits, and I baited lightly as I did
not want to ruin any chance I had of a
bite. Five hours in and off it trundled,
carp on! After a short but dogged
fight, it was in the bag and looked like
a known fish called the Anchor. On
the mat, upon looking in the mouth, it
was quite clear that this was well
nailed. I’d used Suffix Black Silt with
Pro Fish popped up 2in. This had been
on the munch, putting on over 3lb
since it was last out! It was the
Anchor for sure, and it went 37lb 8oz
– happy days.
It was soon November, and like
other lakes, it was less busy. With not
a lot to go on other than past and
recent form, the Flat swim was the
choice for the last November
overnighter, Friday 21st. I had a conversation with Perry Harris, who
called to see if I was down, and to fill
me in with any info he could. The
conversation went along the lines of,
“Mick you can forget anything outside of 4pm to 4am, mate.” “Ok Pel,
Northern Linear at 46lb 4oz
cheers for that; I’ll do my best, mate.”
Fishing a single popped-up hookbait
and small PVA bags with chopped
boilies only, I had selected three usual
spots to fish.
4m came and went, and I was in
the bivvy. There was no social for me,
as I was the only angler on the M25
bank of the lake. Listening to the
radio, miles away, thinking about the
loved ones indoors, I was soon tuning
into a one-toner. My right hand rod
was peeling off, and after a good scrap
I had a scraper 30 in the net! I phoned
Doc on the opposite bank, and Kenny
the bailiff came round to do the honours with the camera, 30lb 4oz – get
in! A Nashy pineapple pop-up did the
So, with bait back out on to the
spot, having felt down with a right old
thud, it was time to call Perry. “What a
load of old rollocks mate – it’s just
gone six and I’ve had one.” “Result,
son.” “Well Pel, I ain’t listening any
more.” So, a nice touch, and I felt I
deserved a treat, so I had a few
glasses of red to celebrate.


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