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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
Jerry Hammond, Hoobie, Boyan and
little Stuart to name a few.
A quiet night passed, and I was up
at 5.45 on the lookout for those carp to
see if they were still in the swim. Just
along the reed line to my right there
were at least two there – excellent. A
look a little further right of that, and in
the pump corner was a lonesome
common cruising just below the surface, so it was back to the swim
quickly to collect the mixers, floater
rod and net.
I had just got back to the spot with
my hands full, and I received two
bleeps on the remote. A very quick
sprint back to the rods with net in
hand, as those two indications turned
into a one-toner. I lifted the right hand
rod into the fish, and it took a very
strong initial run to my right. I managed to turn the fish, and whilst doing
this called Stu, “I’m in mate, get
up!” Stuart got up and the first job in
hand was to strip the weed gathering
in the tip eye, as it was sticking like
the proverbial to a blanket. A very few
tense moments followed for me as I
could not feel direct contact with the
fish. With the weed cleared, I was
gaining a reasonable amount of line
back now, and Stu was ready with the
I could see the bar of gold beneath
the surface and it went in the net first
time. Stu turned around upon lifting
the net, and his chin was dragging on
t h e f l o o r. “ R e s u l t , s o n – w h a t a
corker!” Looking down on one very,
very pretty linear I was well pleased
to say the least. With the unhooking
m a t a n d a l l t h e b i t s s o r t e d, w e
weighed it in at 33lb 8oz, and to be
honest the weight really did not matter, as this was one seriously special
George’s at 42.
fish, as I’m sure you agree. Stu did the
honours with the photos, and as per
usual did a grand job, so thanks mate.
The rods were sorted and back out
as soon as possible. Stu and I sat and
reflected on what just happened, and
discussed tactics (rigs and bait). The
time was passing really quickly, and a


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