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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
few hours later, I had another run from
the same spot; this time a common of
15lb 10oz. They were liking this, and
so was I. That was that and after
watching a few fish move to the left
up towards the pub end of the lake,
Stu decided on a move, but I’m sure
he just wanted a pint. I stayed put as
I still had fish in the area. The night
passed without any activity for either
of us.
So time was up for me, and I started
to pack away the gear to return home
to the family. I had a call from Stu to
say Spiky Paul was coming down for
a visit, and I might get the chance to
say hello. Paul arrived with his boy in
tow to witness Stu’s first Cotton fish.
His move two swims down had paid
off, and his reward was one special
old and dark mirror that went 24lb
4oz. I was so pleased to return the
favour to take the photos, and for Stu
to bank his first Cotton fish.
Manor Bound Again
I arrived at the lake at 8.30am, and
was welcomed with a cup of coffee
from the Doc fishing a swim known as
the Rope. There were four members
on, and two had caught; the Doc and
another member Alex who was fishing the Car Park swim. There were
another two members on, all at the
car park end of the lake. Whilst having
my coffee with the Doc, his left hand
rod had an indication that took the
bobbin right up and stayed tight, but
not pulling out of the clip. “You got
one on, mate.” Doc leant into the fish,
and after a hectic battle it was in the
net. It went 28lb, and after helping out
with the weighing and photos, it was
time for me to press on.
I chose a swim two down to the left
of Doc, The Garden, in the middle of
the lake. It was away from the pressure, and they would no doubt move.
I had fished this swim two weeks previously and had caught three, so there
was no need to lead around, as I knew
the spots. New rigs on, and the baits
were out by 10am. The next few hours
passed very quickly, seeing more
members arrive. To my surprise a few
left without fishing, including Scot,
my daughter’s godfather, as he did
not want to be at “the wrong end” of
the lake. I lent Scot my marker rod,
and off he was to another lake.
Just before 7pm I had a text from
Scot: “26 mirror :-D”. My response
was, “Happy days, bring it on”. My
instinct told me they would move, and
(Top) Manor’s Anchor at 37lb 8oz.
(Left) Cotton 29lb 4oz.


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