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Split Between Two Counties and Two Farms!
they did. They had shown in front of
me, and into the darkness they were
showing to my left too. I had a call
from Iain Macmillan at just after 9pm
saying they were up as far as the
other end of the lake to my left in the
swim known as Mum’s. He said a
move up there looked good, but I was
staying put, as I was quietly confident. We spoke about a few fish that
had not been caught for a while; in
particular one called George’s that
was last out the day after St George’s
Not much sleep followed, as the
fish were boshing all over the place.
Finally nodding off, I was woken early
morning to a belting take from my
right hand rod. Picking it up I found
myself attached to one angry carp
that put up a really strong first run to
my right. After a battle for some 20odd minutes, during which I had to
clear the tip eye from weed, it was
ready for the net. It was in first time,
and the first glimpse of my prize was
very pleasing to say the least, as I
could see the depth of one large carp.
The unhooking mat was readied, sling
wetted, scales checked at zero, and
the weigh crook and the like sorted. I
bit the line and rolled up the net.
(Top) Manor’s Heart Tail at 37lb 12oz.
(Below) Stuart Parker with a Cotton
Upon lifting it out I could feel it was a
good fish.
On the Reubens the needle passed
30 and then 40, and settled at 42lb
exactly – RESULT! My second Manor
40 was George’s Fish, the one I had
only spoken about the night before.
Time to text Scot: “42 you should have
stayed mate J”. Doc, who was next
door but one, and Jim from next door
in the Steps, helped me out with the
photos, so a big thanks, fellas.
As I’m sure you can all relate to,
carp fishing is a way of life, a must
and not a maybe. I would like to say a
big thanks to all those that have educated, influenced and helped me
along the way. And last but no way
least the girls at home for putting up
with my obsession! n


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