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In Search of Monster Carp
sometime during that week because
they had a group out there called the
Carp Friends. I think really they
wanted to see what the English
anglers could catch. Anyway, we
went to this water, sorted out the
swims, and Franz went in his
favourite swim, which was by the
floating boat. You could see fish going
in and out underneath the boat; it
looked a good swim. Bruce was mid-
way up the lake and I was off to his
right. We decided that we were going
to put a lot of bait out; he was going
to fish his right hand rod to it, and I
was going to fish my left to it. The
other rods would be fished elsewhere,
just trying to create a feeding area.
We must have put half a hundredweight of boilies in opening night,
and Franz, who’s not a bad angler,
came down to see us. At that time, his
English wasn’t that great, and he said,
“No, no, no, you’re putting too much
bait in,” and we said, “Why’s that
Franz?” He said, “Well, when people
come down and put a lot of bait in,
they don’t catch.” So I said, “Look
Franz, they’ve been down there for
the last three weeks, and there’s only
been one bite, so we’ll give it a shot,”
and he walked away, scratching his
So anyway, that first night nothing
happened; we never had a peep.
Franz came down in the morning and
he said, “I told you – too much bait.”
He also said, “Your lines are too tight,”
because we had them like bowstrings, but as he said that, my alarm
went ‘weeee’. I’m not kidding; from
that moment to the end of the week,
it was incredible. We caught over 100
fish; it was just incredible fishing, and
these fish fought like you would not
believe – really, really hard-fighting
fish. The biggest one I had was 30lb,
and there were a lot of good 20’s.
Nowadays, in this particular lake I’m
talking about, there’s a good head of
40’s, so it’s a shame we didn’t go a bit
later, but I think we caught every fish
in the lake.
(Top) Wimbledon, 45lb 8oz, 2008 PB
(Left) Congo 39lb 4oz.


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