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In Search of Monster Carp
sorts. But in the last 18 years or so,
Savay has been quite weedy, and the
small fish would have every chance. I
mean I have seen shoals of small carp;
I’ve caught them in the landing net,
but they have been tiny fish. On the
odd occasion four or five fish might be
in front of you, and you’d put them
under 10lb, so you know, some fish
definitely get through; there’s no
doubt about that.
I think Tom the owner is prepared
to just leave things as they are and let
Savay run its course. He’s got other
waters, and if he wanted to restock
Savay there wouldn’t be any problems whatsoever to him, but he feels
that the balance is right there; he
thinks the fish are getting big, which
they are. I think he thinks like me, in
that it’s going to produce big fish,
well over 50lbs. I mean its done one of
50lb, but there’s so much potential.
The length of the fish would amaze
you if you were to see some of the
46’s and 47’s – there’s not a lot of
depth to them; they’re all length.
There’s plenty of room for them to
grow, but of course only time will tell.
There’s no reason for him to stock it
as far as he is concerned, so that’s it.
I think Rob would like me to talk a
little bit about rigs, and although I
don’t consider myself a great rig man,
they do interest me and you know,
I’ve watched most developments. As
I say, I got in very early on the hair rig,
so let me talk about the hair rig first of
all. When we first used the hair rig, we
didn’t really know whether or not
what we were using was right or
wrong. I told you that we were using
a size 4 Au Lion D’Or with an inchand-a-half or two-inch hair; we used
to vary it a little bit. Although we
were getting some blinding runs, we
were getting some bad foul-hooking. I
hooked them in the pectoral fin, I
hooked them just under the chin, and
I hooked them in the face, so I thought
to myself, well, this isn’t good; it’s only
a matter of time before we start winding an eyeball back. Luckily that
never happened, but I decided, back
in 1981, that I was going to use a 12in
hooklink, and reduce the size of the
hook quite a bit – I was sometimes
fishing with size 10’s. As long as they
are a good strong hook, it doesn’t
matter to me how small they are,
because when they’re small, they’re
very sharp.
Obviously if you’re going to fish in
thick weed or whatever, you’ve got to
adjust your hook size. So I decided
that I was going to use a 12in hooklink and a small hook, attached to a
fixed lead, thinking that when the fish
picked it up, as soon as he moved
he’d feel the prick because of the lead
in such close proximity. Then as he
fired away, I’d get a better hookhold,
and I’ve got to say, from that day to
this, I’ve never had another one foulhooked, at least not from an ordinary
pick-up like that. When I’ve been fishing on the shallows with pop-ups, I
have hooked one or two fish in the
belly; that’s something you can’t get
away from, but this thing with small,
sharp hooks and fixed leads – in my
(Top) Just under 30lb.
(Bottom) 23lb 12oz.


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