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In Search of Monster Carp
were fishing the 7 and 8 locks, all the
hard timers down there, wouldn’t let
him fish on there because he was only
a kid, but he was so good, it was
ridiculous! But at the end of the day, it
was still the fixed lead that was doing
the business, but the way he was
fishing it was amazing. I mean you’ve
got to remember there’s no silt or
anything on that canal; the boats are
washing it away all the time, and
you’re fishing virtually on a concrete
bottom. So for me, it’s got to be fixed
leads, and that’s about it on rigs.
This is a little bit about baits that I
have used over the years at Savay. As
I said earlier on, I caught my first fish
there on a floating crust, and went
from there onto paste baits. Well the
paste bait I was using I bought in
John’s Tackle Shop up in Harefield
when it was about as big as a telephone box. He used to have a few
guns in the window and half a dozen
spools of line; that sort of thing, and
he used to do a paste bait called the
Reading Mix, developed by Mike Wilson, Clive Dietrich and Malcolm
Winkworth. Anyway, because they
fished the water I thought to myself
I’d give it a try, so I bought some. You
knocked it up in a glass bowl with
(Top) 22lb canal common.
(Below) John and Keith circa 1989.
eggs, and my mate, Bob Tilbury, said
to me, “Don’t use a plastic spoon.” So
I asked why, and he said, “It melts it.”
I said, “You’re joking,” and he said,
“I’m telling you, it dissolved a spoon.”
I thought to myself, is he pulling my
leg or what?
Anyway, to cut a long story short,
this was one weird bait. You put your
eggs in, you tipped the powder in,
knocked it up into a paste, and you
moulded it into a ball of dough. You’d
pull a bit off to put on your hook, but
you could never see where you got it
from, because it all used to sink back
like magic. The more you pulled off,


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