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In Search of Monster Carp
the smaller the ball got, but it was still
round like it was when you first
started. This was a really crazy bait,
but let me tell you, it caught fish; I
caught my fish that first year from
Savay on it. I suppose the main problem with it was that it caught everything; I caught roach to 2lb there, no
end of eels, and I had bream coming
out of my earholes. If I hadn’t had
them, maybe I’d have had a better
year that year, but you’ve got to
remember, in those days, I never
knew anything about boilies really. I’d
been reading about them, but I hadn’t
made them.
The following year, when we were
going to use the hair rig, I decided
that I was going to make a bait of my
own. I’d done a fair bit of reading up
on it, and I was going to try and put
everything in there that was going to
be good for the carp. So looking at say
a 10oz mix; I would use 2oz of casein,
2oz of lactalbumen, 4oz of peanut
meal, 1oz of wheat gluten and 1oz of
egg albumen. Then I was going to
supplement the bait with different
vitamins and minerals, and I decided
to go in with a peanut oil. I was also
going to use a weightlifting supplement that was used fairly commonly
in those days; it was like a body bulking powder, and had loads of protein
in it. I also used to put a 4oz jar of
Marmite in, mix the lot together and
that was my bait. It turned out to be a
really blinding bait, and it didn’t matter where I took it; I caught fish, and I
used that bait for quite a long time. In
fact, other than the peanut meal,
which was the bulk ingredient, 4oz
out of the 10oz, which I changed for a
black pudding mix one time, I only
changed it two or three times. Funnily
enough this last year I had my biggest
carp out of Savay, which was a common of 45lb 8oz, and I caught it on a
bit of rubber maize, so you know,
what is it with this bait thing?
Rob: Well there you are, a man with
almost 30 years’ experience on Savay
letting us into a few of the secrets of
his carp fishing life, and it’s been riveting for me to sit here this afternoon
and listen to the story. Savay has
always been one of those waters
that’s attracted the highest level of
anglers, right from when I started
fishing it at the same sort of time as
John in the early 80’s. Even today, top
anglers from all round the country
want to camp on the banks of Savay.
As to the future of Savay, well it’s in
good hands now, as John was saying.
Tom Banks owns the venue, along
with other waters as well, and his
plans for Savay seem to be to let it get
back to its former strength as the
water in the country for big fish, and
by the look of the stock that’s in there
at the moment, they’re heading the
right way.
So, just a big thank-you from me to
John. I’m sure that all of Big Carp
readers will be really pleased to hear
about your future exploits should we
meet up again in the future, mate.
Thanks again. n
(Top) Kempisch Canal 20-plus.
(Left) 34lb Savay.


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