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EnerPlex rugged, portable and solar powered
Essential Accessories for travelling
EnerPlex –2015:
EnerPlex, manufacturers of rugged
solar charging and portable power
products have developed a range of
cost effective ideas to make life easier
for travellers. Unlike traditional solar
products which are based on glass,
EnerPlex’s solar panels are based on a
shock-resistant and lightweight plastic allowing them to be safely integrated into backpacks, panniers and
phone cases.
With a range of award-winning
power solutions from the sleek and
lightweight to the rugged and
durable, EnerPlex products offer a
complete portable power solution
whether you’re heading off to a meeting, lying on the beach or backpacking these are the ultimate in mobile
This revolutionary solar integrated
backpack is equipped with EnerPlex’s
flexible and incredibly rugged solar
on plastic technology. In good sunlight its 3 watt solar panel can power
up most smartphones in less than five
hours and charge almost any portable
USB enabled device. Perfect for backpackers, mountain biking or other
extreme sports. Available in Orange,
Green and Black. SRP £79.99.
Surfr iPhone 5/5s Case.
At only 89 grams and 16mm thick,
this multi-function battery case features a 2000 mAh battery pack that
will more than double the life of your
iPhone 5. The built in solar panel is
perfect for topping up on when you’re
caught short of power. Available in
Black, Orange and Blue initially. SRP
An innovative solution which can
directly charge smartphones digital
cameras, and more via its tethered
Micro-USB and Lighting connector
outputs. Pair two or more Stacks
together and you can charge the batteries simultaneously via its magnetic
stack and charge functionality. Stackable, Chainable Rechargeable battery
3200, 6200 and 9400mAh options
available, Orange tethered Micro-USB
and Lightning outputs. SRP £59.99 –
Kickr IV
This foldable, 6 watt solar charger
uses EnerPlex’s solar on plastic technology. A rugged and lightweight
product, Kickr IV can be attached to
anything from a backpack to a tent.
In good sunlight you can use the
Kickr IV to charge a USB device at the
same rate as a standard wall charger
using only solar power. Available in
Black and Camo. SRP £99.99 n
Jumpr Slate 5K
This sleek 5,100 mAh portable power
bank comes with a micro USB cable
stowed discretely in the side, making
it easy to plug in and charge your
smartphone and other USB enabled
devices. SRP £49.99
Jumpr Slate 10k.
This sleek and powerful 10,000 mAh
portable power bank will charge
smartphones, GPS units, tablets and
e-readers. The dual 2.4 amp outlets
mean you can charge two devices,
even tablets, at the same time. SRP
What makes EnerPlex
• Rugged. Portable. Solar Powered.
Using Ascent Solar’s award-winning solar technology, EnerPlex is
your ultimate portable power
solution for any situation you may
encounter. Whether on top of a
mountain or in the boardroom,
EnerPlex will always keep you
powered up and in charge.
• Flexible Solar – Ascent Solar’s
manufacturing process is based
around CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) deposited onto a
polyimide (plastic) substrate. This
process is what enables Ascent’s
solar panels to be so incredibly
flexible and durable while
remaining extremely powerful
• The Red Dot design award winning EnerPlex Jumpr™ Slate
products are sleek high capacity
power banks that slip easily into a
jacket or rucksack pocket for reliable portable power, whenever
you need it. They can be charged
from the mains before your trip or
from an EnerPlex Solar charger.
How rugged are they?
One American reviewer shot a
Kickr IV solar panel twice with a
handgun and then drove over it in
his Jeep. It still worked.
All EnerPlex products are available to buy in the UK from Amazon.
For more information about the
range of EnerPlex solutions visit
www.goenerplex.com n


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