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The HandiMoova
Designed and developed in the UK,
the HandiMoova uses innovative and
patented Camba Technology to help
people shift loads of up to 60kg over
rough terrain including grass, sand
and gravel and up and down stairs
with ease.
Hemispherical shaped wheels are
mounted on separate, inclined floating axles – meaning the wheels both
move independently to one another,
allowing the HandiMoova to perform
unlike any other hand cart.
The result...
The HandiMoova rolls smoothly over
uneven surfaces making it an
absolute must for fishing and outdoor
It is a great solution for transporting
tackle boxes, rods and gear from the
car to the riverbank, seashore or lake
– especially up and down steps – and
is capable of tackling any terrain.
The compact storage footprint
makes it easy to transport in the car.
The handcart reduces the need for
an extra person and the amount of
time required when moving heavy
items around, also reducing the risk of
Once you’re done, the HandiMoova
folds up neatly and can be stowed in
a cupboard or the garage.
It is a truly practical and surefooted
load lugger, and the smarter and safer
way to move loads.
Exclusively for Big Carp readers,
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o f f a n y H a n d i p r o d u c t o n l i n e.
http://www.handiworld.com n
A great night’s sleep is in the bag with Lifeventure
Lifeventure harnesses the insulating power of Thermolite® in its new Sleeper.
Sleep soundly on fishing trips this
spring with the advanced new Thermolite® Sleeper from travel equipment expert Lifeventure. Boasting
excellent heat retention properties,
the new Sleeper can be used on its
own or together with your sleeping
bag for extra warmth. Made from a
combination of Thermolite® and
Modal® fibres, the Sleeper’s soft and
luxurious fabric is capable of boosting
your normal sleeping bag’s comfort
rating by up to 16oC.
With a comfortable temperature
proven to promote restful sleep**, the
Thermolite® Sleeper offers exceptional versatility wherever you lay
your head. A convenient way to boost
the warmth of your existing sleeping
bag in unexpected cold weather, the
sleeping bag liner can also be used on
its own in warmer climates or while
travelling. The Thermolite® Sleeper’s
fabric blend also offers an excellent
warmth to weight ratio and feels
ultra-soft and comfortable against the
Inspired by the natural insulating
properties found in Polar Bear fur,
Thermolite® features hollow core
fibres that trap warm air. In addition
to its warming credentials, Thermolite® is also soft and lightweight for
increased comfort. The Thermolite®
Sleeper combines 50% Thermolite®
with 50% Modal. A ‘wonder’ fabric,
Modal combines antimicrobial properties with incredible softness that
remains even after repeated washing.
Available in Mummy or Rectangular models, both sleepers feature
L i f e v e n t u r e ’s s i g n a t u r e d o u b l e
stitched seams, generous sizing and
hidden security pockets. The Thermolite® Sleeper has also been treated
with the brand’s AXP permanent antibacterial treatment for increased
peace of mind while travelling and
For more information about the
new Thermolite® Sleepers visit
www.lifeventure.co.uk. n


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