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Jason Plumbridge – A couple of fish I’ve caught recently
from Horton’s Kingsmead 1.
33lb 4oz, Sutton: I fished a two-night session, and with the first night
being very slow, I got up in the morning and decided the fish had
moved. I managed to get in a swim called Dog 2, and after seeing a
good amount of fish on the surface throughout the day, I gave them
around half a kilo of bait on each rod. The night was uneventful, and I
was up around 5.30am to photograph a fish for a friend of mine in the
swim next door. After the photo session was finished, it was around
six-ish, and after seeing some fizzing around the left hand rod it
dropped down and then pulled up tight. After a good ten-minute
battle, I slipped the net under a lovely 30-plus. With the relevant
phone calls made, a couple of friends and my dad turned up. We
weighed her and spun the needle around to 33lb 4oz. I was made up,
and I was finally off the mark on K1. I was massively pleased with the
result. A few days later, the fish decided to spawn, so I pulled off for a
couple of weeks.
A change of scenery for Chris Douce saw him land three fish on a
recent visit to Ashmead, including this very old scaly mirror.
Jason Plumbridge – Second one
caught recently: 31lb 8oz.
I fished a couple of nights last week, and with the lake fishing really
hard, it didn’t look positive, but I found some fish in a swim called
Right Hand Point. The first night, I had a couple of bream, and with
not a lot showing, I was deciding what to do when I saw a fish head
and shoulder out at around 30-40 yards. I wound my right hand rod in
and pinged a hinge rig out just to the right of the fizzing. Nothing
happened for a while, but at around 9.30am, it was away. It stripped a
lot of line on its first run, and I knew it was a better one. After around
15 minutes, I slid the net under this lovely mirror. A friend of mine,
Stu, was there, so we hoisted her up, and she spun the needle around
to 31lb 8oz. I was massively pleased with the result.
Another visit to RK Leisure’s Horton complex produced yet another
40-pounder for Simon Kenny.


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