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Richie Leat – New Forest Water Park. – A lovely couple of nights fishing… we have been priming spots in the edge only inches off the bank.
Watching the fish feeding on the bait and taking the hook bait right under our feet has been brilliant fun. I fished a spot at 16 wraps near to a
very big weed bed. I watched the fish using this channel to swim through, in and out of the weed beds. I found a lovely drop and a table size spot
big enough for two rods. I baited heavily with Complex-T boilies in 15 mm and Tigernut boilies in 18mm, and a jar each of hempseed in normal
and chilli. A bag of each Complex-T and Tigernut pellets in 4mm and 8mm were added to the mix and a very generous squirt of each Evolution
Oil, Tigernut, Hempseed and Salmon And Citrus. It was very accurate fishing and all night time bites. Then I had a lovely scaly mirror caught off
the top using the 11mm expander pellet, again covered in Evolution Oils, the Citrus and the Salmon. One of three caught off the top this session,
I slipped the others back without a photo. Fingers crossed for a couple more today.
Catch Report
Name: Richie Leat – Venue: New Forest Water Park. Here’s a lovely
mirror of 36lb 15oz from the few days of filming with the Dynamite
guys for social sessions. It was the tenth carp in four nights. All the
other fish and photos are with Jason Mooney and will be in the video.
I had it off the bottom on exactly the same bait mix as last night but
fishing a spot at eight and a half wraps, a lovely dinner plate size spot
in amongst a load of fresh weed. Fishing a spot at 15 wraps, I baited
with 4mm and 8mm Complex-T and Tigernut pellets, half a jar of
chilli and normal hempseed and approx two kilos of Tigernut and
Source boilies in the mix, all covered in the Evolution oils in every
flavour and a small amount of sweet Tigernut liquid feed with half a
jar of Tigernut boilie liquid.
Chestnut brown and golden scales for Adam Dix, with this
lovely old mirror known as Cluster.
When submitting catch reports please include
your full name, the weight of the fish and the venue.


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