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The Pink Linear
I was woken at 11.30am, by a very
welcome mirror of 26lb 12oz.
I already knew which were the
main producing swims from talking to
the local anglers I had got to know,
but when you walked around and
looked at the lake it was obvious to
me why they were the most productive swims, as they gave access to the
main body of water adjacent to a
large island with an area which is
unreachable, except to maybe a very
few anglers, and then the island gradually tapers down the lake more and
more until it is reachable from the
swims facing it. (figure 1)
My mind had been made up, and as
there is no closed season in place I
planned to fish during this period. I
knew the chances were it was going
to be busy, so on my walks round I
made a point of areas which may not
get as much attention, and a note of
swims as back-ups if I couldn’t get in
the ones which I felt were going to be
the most productive. Although I had
planned to start fishing it in the close
season, I ended up there before that,
as I couldn’t wait; the enthusiasm
was starting to fire up in anticipation
of the new challenge. The first time I
fished there was on the 14th January.
I had planned to do a two-nighter on
the syndicate, but on the way down,
and completely by chance, my mate
John phoned, and there and then it
was decided that a social was in
order, so it was a good excuse to have
a session on the club water. Anyway,
it turned very cold that evening, and
the lake started freezing over, and
although it was milder the next day, it
was very bleak, so we packed up and
went home.
It was during this time I started to
realize that the winter we were having was turning out to be the coldest
in a while, in fact twenty years, so it
was decided that the syndicate and
club lake would have to wait. As I live
80 miles away, I felt it wasn’t worth
driving all that way to do a twonighter, only to end up packing up
Figure 1


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