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The Pink Linear
early due to the cold, as sitting it out
any longer just wouldn’t be enjoyable,
or sane for that matter.
Come March, and it was back on
the syndicate for a couple of sessions
during the last couple of weeks of the
season, but I was still making a point
of packing up early to spend time
walking round the club water. As
March came and went, and the syndicate was now closed, it was time to
fully concentrate my angling efforts
on the new challenge. My first proper
trip was uneventful, apart from a few
bream, which I knew could be a problem at the lake, especially if you’re
fishing tight to the snags and one
picks up your bait half an hour or so
into darkness, making a decent recast
virtually impossible.
One thing I’ve noticed over the
years is that bream seen to wake up
earlier than the carp, which I feel is
probably due to them having less fat
reserves. The plan was to fish the
snags until the carp started moving
around a bit more. As bream are shoal
fish, they should prefer the deeper
open water, but saying that, with the
water levels high from the winter, I
was catching them in the snags any-
way, so there went that theory.
The next session was a two-nighter
in the last week of March, and a social
with John in Swim C, which is a long
double swim ideal for two anglers.
The session started out not quite
going to plan. It was blowing a strong
southwesterly across us; I was in the
left hand side of the swim, and was
struggling to get hookbaits out to the
island, let alone the spod, so it was
singles for me, which was frustrating
as I do feel a lot more confident fishing over bait. John was closer to the
island, and was managing to get bait
out, and in doing so managed two fish
that evening, a 19lb common and a
20lb mirror, which were the first fish I
had seen on the bank from the venue.
All went quiet for the next night, but
the Sunday produced my first take,
and a cornerstone fish of 16lb 4oz, and
we were off the mark.
Work commitments meant that I
couldn’t fish for the next five weeks,
but I don’t think I missed a lot, as
spring was slow in arriving, and I’m
sure nature’s course was about a
month behind this year, due to the
extremely long and cold winter we
had. A couple of things I feel I should
mention before I continue, and that is
amongst the rest of the stock there
are some lovely looking linears and
heavenly scaled fish of all sizes that I
felt would make lovely additions to
any photo collection, even if I didn’t
manage to catch the Pink Linear. Also
the Pink Linear was, for some genetic
reason, a lot bigger than the rest of
the stock, and after speaking to a couple of anglers who had fished the lake,
it appeared that the Pink Linear is
quite a regular visitor to the bank,
which in a way could take away a bit
of the credit of such a fish, but that to
me was ideal, as I really wanted to try
and bank it before the season started,
and it also told me that the lake was
probably a hungry one, which gave
me a clue as to how I was going to
fish, and that was with lots of bait.
On the subject of bait; I new what I
needed, and that was a boilie that
boiled quite hard and wasn’t sweet,
which would hopefully reduce the
bream attention, but also had a
proven track record for catching big
fish, and I knew just the bait: Nutrabaits Trigga. Now I don’t get any kickbacks from Nutrabaits, but credit
(Top) A view from Swim A.
(Left) New personal best and the rod
that caught her.


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