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The Pink Linear
par of the course, and something that
will need looking at, due to the unfortunate condition of some of their
mouths. I considered using pop-ups
at first in the hope of nailing them in
the bottom lip, but felt uncomfortable
fishing these over bait (which was my
intention), so it was decided I would
continually change hooks if I felt there
was the slightest bit of doubt that the
sharpness had gone out of the point (I
can hear you all saying I should do
that anyway).
Over the next 24 hours I received
six more takes: a double, two 21lb’ers,
and the best fish of the session, which
came when I had packed everything
away apart from the rods, which were
lying on the ground. I was even bending down to pick up the rod to pack it
away when it jolted as the line pinged
out of the clip and line started pouring
off the spool, which turned out to be a
very welcome one for the road; a mirror of 25lb exactly. (5) I also managed
to lose two during the session, which
I couldn’t get out of my mind when I
was driving home, even though it had
been a good session otherwise. I felt
29lb exactly, and the second biggest
common in the lake.
that I had come through and ironed
out the areas of losing fish over the
years, and now suddenly I was losing
fish, and this was something I needed
to sort out, as I’m not into losing any.
Due to work commitments, my
next trip down wasn’t until nine days
later, and I was able to do a fournighter, if I wanted. I arrived on the
Sunday at about 6pm to find the Gate
Swim empty, so without hesitation I
put some gear in it. While I was setting up, a guy came over for a chat,
and it turned out he had been in the
swim for the last week and hadn’t
received any action. On investigation
he said he had seen a lot of fish topping in the area behind the corner
island bush. When he said this, even
though he had struggled, I knew I was
going to have a few, as it meant there
hadn’t been any fish out of the swim,
since the fish I had had, and the extra
distance I was reaching was putting
me nearer to the fish. I did feel for the
guy though, but what could I do? I
had Pinky to catch.
I knew from watching the weather
that day that a low-pressure system
was moving in that night, so with that
in mind, I gave it the big’un with the
spod. I don’t know how much bait to
be sure; I just went for it until I was
knackered. Spodding 120yds-plus for
a few hours is hard work I tell you.
Now I’m not going to bore you
senseless with every detail, but over
the next 24 hours I had nine fish. The
action started at 11.30 that evening
when the middle rod signaled a take.
The fish tore off up the lake and was
seriously kiting left. The bobbin on
the left hand rod was indicating that
the fish was going across it, so I piled
on the pressure as it was in danger of
getting behind the corner island
bush. The left hand bobbin dropped
to the floor, and I could feel the weight
on the end increase, so I knew I had
caught the other line for sure. Luckily
after a heavy-feeling scrap in the margin, I netted the first fish of the night.
I peered in the net and was surprised
to find a rather fat, Italian-type mirror
(well I don’t think it’s a true Italian,
more of a fat Galician with a short
wrist), not one of the usual lean linears the lake’s renowned for. I know
they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but
I really like the odd’uns like this, so I
was well pleased, especially when the
scales read 27lb 8oz.
After returning the fish, I set about
trying to tidy the mess the rods were


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