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The Pink Linear
before, and the left hand rod I needed
to get on the bar next to the corner
island bush, which I felt due to being
higher up in the water and closer to
the island had more chance of picking
fish up in the hot conditions. To cut a
long story short, I had a few over the
next couple of days, but nothing like
the action I received the previous two
weeks. The biggest was a 20lb mirror,
with all but one of the takes coming
off the bar. Just before I left I spodded
out the remainder of my bait, in the
hope of getting back in there for my
final session the following week.
I arrived on the Monday afternoon
to find the Gate taken, which wasn’t
surprising, but I wasn’t too bothered
as I had a backup plan; Swim B. Now
I had been keeping an eye on this one,
and had noticed, I presume due to the
high water levels making it difficult to
fish, that hardly anyone fished it. As
the levels had now dropped, I had to
give it a go, as 1, it faced the sanctuary, and 2, the area in front wasn’t a
million miles away from where I’d
been putting bait in the Gate Swim,
and I felt that they were really starting
to get on the bait. I watched the
week’s weather on Countryfile on the
Sunday, and it revealed that a low was
coming over, so I decided to empty
the freezer and go for it. I was already
into bait I’d put aside for the syndicate, but what the heck, I’ll have to
rob my savings and order some more.
I’m not going to go into detail
about the session, as I think I’ve rambled on enough, but it kicked off big
time. I even think I developed a repetitive strain injury in my elbow from so
much long-range spodding. I never
did get the second biggest in the lake,
but I wasn’t complaining, as I had had
Pinky and a lot more fish than I
expected during these sessions.
The final four nights I caught 20
fish, losing one, which made it to a
bush to my left when I was half
asleep. The biggest was a cracking
29lb common, which I later discovered was the second biggest common
in there, the Italian again, plus on
more than one occasion two runs at
once, which in open water I can handle.
Come the end of that final session I
was knackered, and would be glad to
get back on the syndicate where
things are completely different, and
you’re lucky to get a one run a session.
I’m a bit older now, and catching
large numbers of smaller fish isn’t my
calling, but don’t get me wrong; I
really enjoyed the fishing on the club
water. I got the one I was after, and
then some. It was a period where
everything fell into place; I had time
available midweek, which gives you
a n a d v a n t a g e s t r a i g h t a w a y, a s
there’s less pressure; I managed to
get in decent swims most of the time,
and most importantly, I was up for it,
confident in the bait and my ability at
long-range fishing, which had taken
me years to tune up.
It’s that confidence that is probably
the most important aspect to my carp
fishing. n
Our good friends Steve and Sandy
Bond have put up a fantastic competition prize
in Big Carp to celebrate Big Carp’s
250th issue. Here’s your chance to
win a Holiday for two including
food at Lake Bossard.
And it could not be simpler to enter… All, you have
to do is go to the BOSSARD Facebook page…
1 You must like the Bossard page.
2 You must like and share this competition.
3 And just write “Done”
in the comments.
date is 31st
Good luck!


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