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Spring Tactics
pring is without doubt
my favourite time of
year. As I get older the
winters seem to go on
longer and longer, and
the thought of the trees
getting leaves on, some warmth in
the sun and the longer days of spring
coming is what really seems to get
me through it all now. In all honesty
the last couple of winters I’ve lost
some of that drive of putting myself
through it all in the worst of the
weather on the difficult waters, and
I’ve either not ventured out when it’s
been freezing, or most recently put
my efforts into actually getting a few
bites from a couple of easier venues.
However that said I do really enjoy
my winter fishing, and with today’s
modern clothing there is really no
excuse for getting cold. However as
February comes I begin to feel the
onset of spring, and for me that’s
when I really get excited about the
forthcoming months.
I do feel that the months of April
(Top) My favourite time of year.
(Below) Spring 40, when it all came
and May are now the best months of
the year for big hits of big fish. I think
these months now replace the old traditional autumn feed up times of September and October. A study of my
own results shows a decline in good
results in autumn, but a definite
upsurge in good captures in the
springtime. I now concentrate my
time more in April and May as a consequence of this. I’m sure that the
waters I fish, which are deep and generally weedy, simply don’t respond to
that autumnal change any more. The
weed seems to remain up until
December now, and this seems to


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