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Spring Tactics
keep the fish occupied on naturals,
and then instead of a gradual cooling
down we seem to have long spells of
mild but wet weather, followed by a
sudden cold spell which kills it all
stone dead. I also believe that angler
pressure has a considerable effect,
and by late summer many of the fish
may have been caught twice or more
times, obviously reducing the
chances of more visits to the bank
during that spell.
However the reverse is true come
the early spring, as in many cases the
fish haven’t been out over the winter,
and with the water warming up and
the fish becoming active and up for
feeding, there is much more opportunity for some bobbin bonanza. I’m not
exactly sure what triggers this sudden wake-up, but my feeling is that
it’s the extra few minutes of daylight
that we get come February. I don’t
actually believe that the weather
makes that much difference, and on
many occasions I have found feeding
fish in typically cold conditions in
shallow water in February, but suddenly they are just awake. An exam-
(Top) In spring they like a bit of bait.
(Below) Quick moves pay off.
ple of this is one water that I fished
several winters on. Why I fished this
particular lake all winter I really don’t
know; I hardly caught anything in the
summer as it was! I did brave two
entire winters on there, for very little
reward I must add, but it was a good
learning experience at least. On there,
from November onwards, it seemed
to totally shut down and fish sightings were very rare, let alone any
actual captures. However come mid-
February, and with no apparent
change in the weather, the fish would
suddenly appear in the shallow water
snags. If I’d had some sort of crystal
ball or ability to read the future I
would definitely have been firmly in
place fishing those snags at that
same time!
With all that blanking though, there
was some good gleaned from it, and
that time spent learning the water
proved invaluable. On many occa-


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