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Spring Tactics
sions just being there can involve
learning and without doubt this time
spent will give anyone a significant
leg up when the spring comes. I try to
fish my spring water from as early as
possible, if not the entire winter, then
f r o m t h e s t a r t o f t h e N e w Ye a r
onwards. This is all part of the prespring homework, and there is no
substitute for actually being on the
venue, looking, watching and learning
the water. As well as actual producing
spots, I try to visualise specific areas
where I think the fish are going to
turn up first when that switch is
flicked. To that end the areas I’m initially looking for are snags that have a
fair amount of the day’s sun. Snags
attract fish anyway, but come any
slight increase in water temperature
and daylight hours these snags seem
to become a magnet for carp. Many
times I become surprised how early
large polished areas appear under
marginal trees on the venues I fish,
and I’m often almost disbelieving
when coming across these, sometimes so early and even before fish
have begun showing in the main
parts of the lake. The important
aspect to these already cleaned and
fed on spots is that they are natural
feeding areas that fish will return to
time and time again. These are not
spots made by anglers’ baits, but
areas that hold some form of attractiveness to fish. This can be either in
(Above) The winter bait application
bought early results.
(Left) Snags and margins are spring
magnets for carp.
the form of natural food, safety or
warmth, but either way can be real
early season goldmines.
The other areas that hold significant interest are spots that have the
early weed growth. These can often
be located by working the lake with a
marker rod during those early sessions, but any weed will in many
cases again provide attraction to fish.
I have often found these new weed
areas by watching the lake’s resident
bird life. Coots will frequently dive,
and return to, new weed as a matter
of course, and watching these can be
a good way of identifying them without smashing the pond up with a
marker! As these areas are fished this
is where bait application in the previous months can be a huge advantage.
This bait application is another main
reason for beginning your spring
campaign early, in that the introduction of free bait, over a period of time,
can really reap rewards. It’s certain
that even on blank sessions when
fishing over good quality food bait


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