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Spring Tactics
rush to get away from work to find the
fish all in one corner snag. Many of
the fish were covered in clay and
were extremely active, pushing each
other as they headed in and out of the
huge branches that penetrated into
the water. However I knew as the sun
dropped that they would be leaving
shortly, and a swim further on provided a great interception point. It
also contained a large bar than ran
like a roadway to and from this same
set of snags, and I’d often seen fish
show on or near this bar during the
hours of darkness. I was soon set up
and had three baits placed at various
distances along the back of the bar,
where the lead landed with a firm
drop. I knew this was the lovely hard
silt I was looking for, and if the lead
banged down on the gravel I recast
until I was absolutely satisfied I was
fishing in the silt rather than the
gravel of the bar itself. For me one of
the best aspects of spring fishing is
that the fish do respond to decent
quantities of bait. This is where my
confidence lies, and when others
(Top) Travelling light for quick
(Below) Spring can be bobbin
bonanza time.
aren’t competing with you it can be a
big advantage. To that end out went
6kg of B5 in various sizes onto the
spots, however I did fish my actual
rigs outside the baited patches by a
couple of feet. This tactic has often
bought me bigger fish; I’m not totally
sure of the reason why, but it’s now
something I always do after a few
decent results.
The evening and night was quiet,
but I was up as it was getting light to
one of those fantastic warm May
dawns that we dream about when
we’re lying beneath a frozen bivvy
roof waiting for what seems an eter-
nity for it to become light. The fish
didn’t share in the ambience of it all
though, and despite scanning the still
surface of the lake nothing betrayed
its presence or gave any clues that
anything was about to happen. I did
have the feeling that I had a chance
up until about 11am, simply because
this was about the time the fish
would appear in the snags, and until
then they would often show out in the
ma i n l a k e. H o w e v e r, s o me thi ng
showing would have given me a bit
more optimism and made me begin to
think up some excuses for getting
into work that much later! What did


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