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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: Well it’s the second week of September, and I’ve made my
way once again to the
C e m e x R o a d L a k e,
Longfield. It’s right by
Heathrow Airport, and the planes are
going over, interrupting our taping as
usual, so I hope the girl who types
these up, young Sam, doesn’t struggle
too much with our voices, as it does
get a bit noisy down here.
Autumn is just in the air, and looking round the lake, it looks absolutely
beautiful today, and it’s not cold or
anything. In fact Mark was saying as I
met him at the gate that they’ve forecast 27 degrees for today, so it’s going
to be a hot one, and pretty much flat
calm, as it’s surrounded by trees that
shelter it a bit. But the first signs of
autumn are showing; there were
loads of leaves in the garden this
morning as I was making my way out
to the car with the tape recorder, and
looking out the window I half
expected a bit of a chill when putting
my shorts on, but it’s lovely. We’ve
had a bit of a crappy old summer all
round, so who knows, perhaps we’ll
have a nice autumn and the catches
(Top) Sutton looking out from the Pea
(Below) End of season result, Scar at
30lb 4oz.
will continue right up to the New
Anyway, Mark as you know, is a
regular contributor to the magazine,
and a reader of the magazine for that
matter. He’s just signifying to me that
he’s got a bit of bubbling going over
his right hand rod at the moment so
hopefully we’ll have some action
while I’m down here. Mark first
appeared in the magazine in the old
Harefield days, and was of course on
the front of the mag with that glorious
Thorpe Park Common out of Horton,
and we kept in touch and became
good friends over the years. But some
sad news now, and I think many of
you will know this anyway, as we did
in fact run the photographic competition two or three months ago in the
magazine for Kodak. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about
eight months ago now, just at the
start of 2009. Most of you reading this
will have heard of Parkinson’s disease
at least, but if you’re anything like me
that’s more of less as far as it goes.
I did actually have a little chat with


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