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In Search of Monster Carp
27lb 2oz, quick overnighter at Sutton.
notice little things like my speech
slurs now and again, and I find it hard
to get some words out, but I’ve got no
reason to be embarrassed; I’m
amongst friends, and they know what
I’ve got, and that’s that. I’d just like to
say a real big thank-you to all my
friends; they’ve been excellent. I’ve
had people trying to find out about
doctors and everything, to see if
there’s any other way, and they give
me contact numbers for doctors. So,
Dean and Nick, I thank you from the
bottom of my heart, thank you very
much indeed. But there’s a glimmer of
hope in seeing this doctor they’ve
found for me; he seems to think that
he can stop my shaking to a certain
extent. But whatever nerve damage
I’ve got, he reckons in the next few
years there could be a cure if it gets
passed by the British Medical Board.
This is something I don’t really know
a lot about, and I’ve got to go and see
him, but Dean and Nick, thank you
very much; you’re true friends.
I’ve decided to get on with my fishing, and like I said, I’m not going to let
anything change my life in any shape
or form. It takes a lot out of me, fishing, because there’s a lot of moving
about. I get very, very tired, and in
fishing if you don’t put the effort in,
you don’t get the rewards. I think I’ve
done quite well over the past few
years, considering I’ve been worried
because I knew there was something
wrong, so I’ve just got on with it. I
keep saying it, but this isn’t a cry for
sympathy or for anyone to think poor
old Kodak; it’s more really for other
people – if you’ve got anything like
this, just carry on and do what you do.
You’re the same person, and you’ve
just got to live your life because it’s
short anyway, even without having a
Like I said, the fishing went well. I
got into a lake this year that I can’t
talk about because of a publicity ban.
I’ve only done three nights, and I’ve
done quite well really considering. I
was keeping my ear out for the Road
Lake because there are still a few I
want. It had a really bad start this
year; there was hardly any weed
again, which isn’t like the Road Lake.
I had to come up one day to meet
someone, so I decided to do a couple
of nights. I lost one the first morning
within half hour, and I just decided,
right, this is the time to get back up
here. Ever since that day, I’ve been
fortunate enough not to have had
many blanks, I’ve lost a few, but I’ve
been fortunate enough to land some
really nice fish. I’d doubled up on one
fish, which you’ll probably see the
pictures of. I had it at the back end
when Nick was here, and it was
bright orange. That was a very rare
fish to come out, and I was fortunate
enough to catch it this year. When I
got it, I had a battle and half with it,
which lasted 40 minutes.
Where I was fishing, the whole area
was covered in weed, and I photographed it, and you’ll probably see
it. After 40 minutes, I managed to get
it in, but in the morning I did laugh; I
looked out, and photographed it
again, but there was no weed whatsoever. I made the decision to bring a
50in landing net, and I had the whole
weedbed in there. That was a fun
night especially since I was on my
own. I haven’t got the strength in my
arms any more, so I was trying to pull
the weed into the landing net and sort
the fish out, but it was an effort that I
didn’t mind doing. It was good and
i t ’s j u s t g o n e f r o m s t r e n g t h t o
strength really. I’ve really thought
about my fishing more this year, and I
put more effort in. Even though I’ve
got this, I don’t know; I just want people to carry on. I know I keep saying
it, but you’ve just got to keep going.
I’ve been in fishing now for quite a
few years; I’ve built up loads and
loads of friends, and you don’t realise
how many friends you’ve got until
something like this happens, because
the phone hasn’t stopped, and I’d like
to thank all of you. Words aren’t
enough, but thank you very much
indeed – you’ve shown concern, and
for those of you who came up the hospital to see me, thank you. You looked
after me and you also looked after
Jane, which is more important to me


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